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Ability for player bosses to leverage

Sometimes players get info about a Baka who's done something wrong in their job. Whatever it is, you know that no good git really should be fired. But... unless you are a certain rank, you can't fire them.

Normally, you submit a puppet and then hope there is available staff to handle it. In the mean time, all kinds of damage can be done.

Other times, you don't know if you want them fired or not. But maybe you want time to look into whether they were a Baka... or just were a Baka.

I'd like for people who don't have hiring authority to perhaps have Suspension powers. That would be a player controlled state for employees. If you are suspended the following would happen:

* Access removed from doors.

* Key rotation

* Miss their payday while on suspension

* Automatic message to GMs so they can review notes and override if they want with a puppet

So this would give players a way to handle problematic employees in the short term without requiring a GM to fire them. Screw up just a little, well we now have a tool to handle that as well. Here's a week without pay, stay home and think about it. Screw up a lot, get immediately suspended so you can't do more damage and then the traditional request for a puppet can happen to get them fired. It gives more agency to players and takes some burden off GMs for immediate need to puppet a firing.

I just like the idea as both an intermediary state and also give some player agency in organizations to handle quick moving security situations.

The period in which someone knows they screwed up - and still has access while waiting for some puppet to take them off the list - is a feature and may be by design. Devil's advocate: more doomed employees should try to exploit their access if they know their career is done anyway, and we shouldn't create a state that shuts people down from attempting to do that.

With that said, there's nothing stopping CorpSec from deciding someone is a security risk pending a disciplinary meeting with their boss, and keeping careful watch on them to make sure they don't do anything dangerous before that meet can take place.

My experience is that puppets react pretty quickly when requested in these circumstances, and the tense in-between time gives CorpSec some work to do.

I think an automated suspension command could be cool, but I would want it to have a definite 'working time' -- like maybe 4 or 6 hours from when it is entered into the system or something.

It's reasonable for players to want tools and agency enough to have an effect on plot outcomes, but my impression has been double agency, sabotage, betrayal and malicious compliance on the corporate side is given a lot of slack in terms of preventative enforcement so it doesn't get snuffed out more than it already has been.

I think corporate kidnappings and assassinations should be normalized as a tool to deal with HR issues, but there's a giant WJF-sized object in the way of that.

The ability to shut down a potentially interesting and themely plot at the press of a command in player controls feels a bit much. Especially if the character is overly zealous or paranoied as heck, which most if not all corpiese are.

I think the reason it is left in admins hands is because they can see the bigger picture, they may want characters to run with plots or have plans for things themselves.

I am not opposed to more autonomy far from it, but the removal of all that access on a whim feels a bit much. It would stifle themely corporate RP not expand it, even if it feels a bit unrealistic.

Also, playing devils advocate here, granting a HR representitive the ability to just bulk suspend staff for their own means feels exploitable. You could suspend the whole of a corporate security Agents for example. Or worse, you could trap people in corporate buildings by suspending their access when they are in a building. Not saying that is the intent, but it would be possible, and at that point would have to be policed... which takes us back to admins doing more work.