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Subtle emotes
It's like whisper but for your low-key signals

Hey, I was watching a show on Netflix where two characters were a bunch of sneaky nods and subtle facial expressions, and I thought, hey why can't I give someone that low-key headbob?

I imagine it'd be invisible to people who you're not directing it at, and those that aren't paying close attention to you, or those with too low perception. I think it could add some cool stuff, so you don't have to SIC someone to give a sneaky signal, or something.

How would this be balanced compared to whispering? When you whisper, you broadcast to everyone in the room that you're whispering, even if they can't hear the content.

Perhaps this ability could be gated under a certain skill? Which, I have no idea. Stealth? It would make sense too that the better you are at sending sneaky signals, the better you are at spotting others doing it.

Disguise or Thievery comes to mind.
I advise doing it in plain-sight RP rather than mechanically. Here's an article about how it's done in real life:

"Most didn't know it was always going on, as the expressions, gestures and signals were very much in the flow of a discussion. Only after being in a lot of meetings would people realize there were two people of one mind who could communicate without speaking."