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Stop'n'Drop Booth
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(Declaimer: Suicide IRL is wrong, please don't get offended by this.)

So apparently in the future or at least in SD it is common for people to take their own lives. Blame it on the drugs, clone technology or simply stress.

However the phrase jumping off the skywalk, is so familiar to most Withmorians that it might as well be printed on a t-shirt. The fact is that these splatjobs "loiter" the streets, roofs and express tubes, costing WCS a lot of chyen and man-hours.

So maybe, just maybe it would be a good idea to create some of these booths and charge a small fee for using them. That way WCS, saves some chyen and man-hours and earns a small profit in turn. Also it would provide an easier and maybe less dramatic way for character to be re-rolled.

And it would be hella cyberpunk.

References: &

A far better way to suicide is to RP it. Provoke it. Give another player (or multiple ones) the chance to RP around it. The actual death, not just the weird aftermath of an unexplained, unseen, solo death. Let some players see it happen, know why it happened, so that other players who didn't see it have a chance at getting some answers to the inevitable questions.

I like the themeliness of this idea, but it wouldn't enhance RP or add anything to player experience (your own or your RP mates). A player who is so done with a character that they're ready to have them perm TODAY has plenty of ways to do it which aren't just "inexplicably disappear" or just "leave an unexplained splat on the roof". If they don't want to bother RPing out their death, the provocations around it, there are ways besides the skywalk to achieve it too. I don't feel like we really need another one, though the idea all by itself is cute (ironic hipster wink), outside the context of actual game impact.

Here's the other thing about game suicide (where the player wants to move on but the character probably is not ICly motivated to suicide: It gives you a chance to dare to plunge in to parts of the game you normally don't press. Maybe that's combat, maybe that's tangling with the Law, maybe that's plotting something offensive or challenging to someone else, so much that it's either going to result in some major win for you or else just death at their sword. If you plot a challenge for someone else and WIN it, you just learned a lot about the game in a way that you couldn't when you were all timid and unwilling to dare, and might now be into the character again. Or ready to keep pushing it till your character does get permed. If you lose it, good news, you got what you wanted in the first place.

TL;DR the OOC desire to suicide a character ideally should motivate IC interactions with others.

The whole suicide in game is actually highly frowned upon.

I mean the jumping from another level or just high up.

It's a game so since it isn't you, the player, so it seems easy but players need to realize that suicide, even for those characters that bring it up, is really hard to truly carry out. There are people who have had the gun to their mouth, about to pull the trigger and at the last moment, see a picture of their beloved 'wife' or a painting they did, and break down and cry, putting the gun away, realizing that their loved one would NOT want that for them. Or even a good friend/enemy of theirs instead of a loved one.

Even if you, the player, get tired, take a break for the weekend or week from the game, or let your character go on a 6 month vacation/ trip/ work trip, while you try a different character out.

Here is a thread that went over the 'suicide' bit:

There is a post the community hashed out called killing off your character. It included a link to the Scroll which lays out some real good ways to off your character.

For The Scroll, the link is:

Scroll down and you will find the article: Three ways to die... FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009

It mentions: First find a reason. You really can't just go half cocked and nuts for no reason, and 'insanity' is so lame and passe these days in the mix.

Burn bridges. Burn them as fast and loud and nasty as you can. Start with someone you've got reason to grudge out on, and spiral from there. Take a good month to do this, until you've pissed off just about everyone.

Finally pick one person and push their buttons until they snap.

You can also work out something where you will purposely fail. The first example mentions: Once you have this person all picked out, you can just arrange your death easy as pie. Pick a fight, and lose. Board room, back room mixer dealings, combat. Whatever. Just build out a plot with your character that ends in failure instead of success.

You can even leave the city alive:

There are ways out of the dome. Take some time and set your affiars in order. Pass on gear to chummers. Pass on paydata to those who can use it. Close up shop. Then send out invites to everyone for a going away party at your favourite club. Party it up like mad, then at the climax of the party announce you are taking the long walk. You are heading out into the ( badlands, orbital, asteroid belts ) and won't be coming back. Then leave, and never come back.

(You can even do the 3rd part with the going away party and have some enemy crash the party and order people out before they kill you, or just kill you and slap down anyone else in the way.)

Oh, and if you do survive the self-created suicide, your associates and maybe a few friends you made along the way may end up killing you instead. That's always a possibility. And that can be funny as hell too.

If you do decide to go out with a bang instead of a character vacation, as bean_dip wrote out, there are ways to do it by creating RP for others.

I support 100% all that crafy said, I personally would never off my character. I might put them in ridiculously dangerous situations or simply not clone and be a jerk until someone decides to off me, or whatever.

But I am *not* everyone, there clearly is a small percentage of players that are big fans of cement poisoning. I think we get at least one a month or more since some jump into the eternal darkness in silence and are more difficult to track down.

Regardless of all the OOCess factors surrounding this topic. This *is* 100% part of the theme and 100% cyberpunk and makes absolute sense for it to exist.

Heck, the tagline for Sindome is "You've never had the urge to kill yourself until now.", this represents the inherit and constant hardship and struggle that is living under the Dome. It's about dehumanization and how blood is cheap. Apathy, greed, grit, etc.

Even if you go out with a bang or not, in a 65 million people city your character's death will go unnoticed like tears in the rain.

For people "who are fans of cement poisoning" or otherwise are already achieving RP-less suicides, don't they already have what they need?

Coders and builders have got to have better things to do than create suicide booths.

There's a helpfile on "suicide" which says that because it's so easy in Sindome to die, admins don't get involved with the OOC desire to suicide a character.

Last note:

There may be one or more IC reasons why the booths themselves or the use of the booths might not make sense. ICly.

The characters that would use these booths are the same ones that would use the skywalks or a tall building or the express tubes. At least with the skywalks, tall buildings, and express tubes, people have a chance to see it. "Hey, I found so and so's body today outside X place." A booth would just make it easier to avoid the RP surrounding killing off your character.

So, yes, it's probably themely but, it doesn't enhance the game or add RP.