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Stock Prices for the Grid

Would be great if there was a variable we could add that would act as a stock ticker. Show a corporate price or something like that. Maybe even a little graph with the historical tracking. Just some things that I know most companies love to brag about.
Honestly I'd rather go the opposite way and make the stocks only show at the bank in the stock room (restrict it) so that corpies who wanted the info would either have to leave their offices/apartments or get someone to check for them.

But... stocks don't mean anything right now. What's the benefit in restricting them? It's not like there aren't ample reasons to make corporate citizens go outside already.
Slither announced a Skinwatch feature a while ago:

/stocks - see current corpshare stock prices

This might be what you are looking for.

Because stocks WILL matter more in time and I don't think there will ever be enough reasons to encourage PCs to get out of their apartments/offices. Just my personal opinion of course. :)

Things like the Skinwatch and my Idea for an at-home ticker are and would be luxury items and-or chy sinks to make checking stocks easier.

While I understand that "logically", the stock prices would be on the Grid, I'd rather them continue to be an inconvenience to check, or you go out of your way to make life easier for yourself by buying chrome/furniture.

Technically you already have to do that to get on the grid. So it's no different than buying a watch/chrome/furniture.