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Stealthed Emotes
Don't just stand there!

Not a fully fleshed out idea. Just looked over the grapple idea and realized there's a lot you can do stealthed, but also not a whole lot outside of mechanical action. If you emote, you reveal your location.

What if we had: emote loudly, emote softly, and emote stealth toggles, or a stealth emote shortcut that allows you to do things within the room to enhance the scene, like moving into place behind someone, weaving through a crowd, or taking aim at them from an alley?

That way anyone who can actually see you would have the opportunity to react, or not react to these things, and if you were doing something like positioning yourself behind someone, they could react if they notice you, or choose not to. Followup emotes like putting a sword against their neck would be less "POOF! I'm here!" and have more depth.

Anyway. That's all I got. Thoughts?

And as an aside, maybe there would be another command to reveal your hiding place to only one person, which would bypass the stealth check, and allow them to see all actions you perform. Useful for those "lay in wait" scenes, huh?