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Stealth Grapple
Let's take a walk, together.

I have an idea for a chance to grapple someone and nobody else in the room detect it if you have the proper stats. This would open up a realm of possibilities for -lots- of different things. Think Sam Fisher. Imagine you're talking to someone in a bar and they're suddenly *poof*, gone.
I chuckled at that example, it would be hilarious to see. I like this idea though and can get behind it.

The more people in the room, the more difficult it would be to pass the check?

Depending on their stats, just like normal sneaking :p
What would be funny, is like someone known for just poofing in bars already. Has this happen to them.

Boop gone.

"Ah, Bloody Mary did her disappearing trick again, hope she's had a good night."

I can get behind this IF and only IF it's a VERY difficult check.

That would be extremely unbalanced...
It also wouldn't be a thing you could do easily
Agree with Villa.

Stealth and grapple alone are extremely powerful as is.

Being able to disappearify people, while a cool idea, would create so much salt day one.

All you ever need is a certain minimum amount of stealth and then you basically can kidnap anyone without anyone else being able to do anything about it.
Would you and that person remain stealthed while you're dragging them around after snatching them up?
Yes, but, would you be able to keep this person in the shadows once exiting the room? And there's nothing stopping people from siccing or yelling if they react fast enough.
This + Metachrosis Chrome =

Naked Sam Fisher Stealth Grappling?

I'm all for that.

I wrote up a long diatribe about why I don't think this should be a thing, but it can really be summarized as this would be impossible to balance in such a way that it is ever fun for anyone but the person doing the nabbing.

Yes, this is a PvP game, but it needs to be fun for everyone involved. Just my two chy though.

Sounds super OP. Stealth and grappling are both already amazing on their own, giving them this synergy would be very unbalancing. Anything you do already breaks stealth, let alone grabbing another person (who is free to thrash, gargle, kick over chairs, etc).
When it was possible to flee while grappling someone - hiding, grappling, and fleeing with your target was a very effective tactic. It still is, however, you now must wait until your target is solo more or less to avoid being drawn into conflict.

bump for relevancy