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Start a Riot
Spawn trouble makers

One of the core thematic elements of the cyberpunk genre has been music. Specifically music as an outlet of the oppressed. The cliche, raging against the machine.

The original CP2020 PnP game made music a game mechanic by which rockers could gather crowds and influence NPCs. The classic use for that was to create a distraction or otherwise drum up some cannon fodder to keep corpsec busy for a little while.

Given the recent love that the staff has shown to performers via the "crowd" system, it seems like the foundation is there to grow the system a bit.

The end result / new game idea that I am proposing is to allow performers to spawn troublemakers on Gold (or maybe even Green & Blue).

(In an amusing twist, maybe pro-corporate performers can whip up some trash golem hate and spawn troublemakers into Red sector who then randomly attack gangers and Mixers.)

This should be a fairly high level / difficult skill check ability.

There should be a few different "venues" where performers can generate crowds. Venues might be: Street, Bar / Club / Restaurant, Broadcast (NLM TV) The wider reaching the venue, the more difficult the skill check. A venue like KMB might fit multiple venues.

The "trouble" could manifest as anything from Anti-Corp or Anti-Mix statements on SIC, all the way up through full blown riots.

I am realizing that this might be leaning too heavily into a PvE dynamic. It would make sense to limit the use of it / give it a high recharge timer. For example, only allow a "major" performance once a month, or once a quarter.

This is too PVE a concept for Sindome and would take too many system resources / be too abusable. NPCs are very performance heavy.

If you want to start a riot, roleplay, make your goals known through @notes. Have multiple performances. Involve players. The GMs will roll with you if you are successful. This isn't a good avenue for an automated system.

I always thought automated food riots would be a neat thing but agree they should be player-driven events. However, the player-driven riots/protests have always been a little underwhelming. Marching around, throwing the occasional molotov, and spraying graffiti are rad but I'd love for those events to have a bit more gravitas.
It can be difficult to rally enough people for a worthwhile riot, so like Reefer said they tend to fall flat. Maybe there's a happy middle ground?

Understand the aversion to adding more PvE elements to the game, but something like this could give CorpSec/WJF more to respond to on the fly and would-be crime doers the window of opportunity they need. To me that's a win/win on providing engagement and subsequent roleplay for both sectors.