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Staff Only Announcement Forum
Making it easier to find updates, patches, fixes,

I've unsubscribed from most of the forums because it interrupts a bit from the roleplay sometimes, but it'd be nice to have a forum to go quickly where I know only the admins have posted to get the updates quickly. I'd just subscribe to that one forum in game.

Updates, patches, fixes, etc - the whole forum just for staff posts. I know discussion and feedback is good, so I'm thinking have a link to an echo post for discussion (eg: For discussion and feedback click here) in New Game Features? I know it's an extra step, but it could be helpful to quickly separate what's admin and what's feedback/discussion. I've seen it done for other forums and fansites. I think it might work here!

OR if that's too much, maybe just make it easier to tell who's an admin posting officially things?

Speaking for myself, the New Game Features and Bug Fixes section is exactly that already. It's good to follow if you're just interested in the updates to the actual game, the threads in it usually amount to a changelog where you can see exactly what's been updated.
This is part of why we have a separate Ideas forum, but I understand the point you're trying to make about admin only and subscribing. I am considering making some changes to how the moo is informed of posts so we could potentially only subscribe to admin bgbb posts from within game.
If you mean for general staff comments on ongoing discussions, maybe a thread similar to the monthly "Update & Bug Fix" thread in the Announcements Sub-section would do the trick?

It would take up staff time, so perhaps it should just be on us to scroll through the forums for this sort of thing. But a monthly thread where the GMs put just a very brief summary of the topic and their reply whenever they weigh in on something, plus a link to the topic could be nice without putting too much strain on staff?

Johnny's admin-post notifications would be pretty damn ace though :P