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Staff Advice subboard
PSAs, advice, and warnings in one place

Right now, it seems like advice made by GMs and other staffs on BGBB are scattered throughout Anything Really, Theme, and Game Problems & Complaints. To me this poses two problems:

1) Some threads are not stickied, making it difficult to find said staff advice thread again, reducing visibility which seems to be counter to the purpose of staff making said thread in the first place.

2) Some threads, well, many threads are stickied. At this point they're starting to crowd out the other threads and makes it a nightmare to navigate for anything other than staff's advice in Anything Really.

I propose that all of these threads are moved to a dedicated "Staff Advice" subboard, consolidating them all in one place where we can easily refer to, rather than having to play the guessing game of either remembering the subboard a thread we want to refer back to was on, or remember its name or keywords to search it up.

Would this thread be better placed in Website Problems & Announcements? I'm not certain where to put ideas about BGBB in.
This is the right place for an idea. :)