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your food, drink, cigs

So ya, that might be a wonderful command to make people want to do more drugs.  Spike their drinks, food, smokes.  With the approprate drug of course.  Obviously you wouldn't try to put a marijuana like drug in someone's drink.
You should search before posting, mano.
I was trying to locate the thread myself because I know this has been discussed but I wasn't able to find it. Anyone know the thread off hand?
My bad.  So since it's been posted before, that means just totally ignore the idea or what?
No way. I like the idea of being able to spike someone's drink. I see many cases where it'd be a nice touch.

Drug dealer wanting more customers,
Sleezy guy wanting a lady for the night,

I like the idea, but only if it requires some knowledge of chemical use..

Can't have any mixer out there spiking drinks at will.

It would be a good opportunity to make the chemical skill more useful than it already is, considering its being held into NI status because it's limited.

I do recall a weapon in-game the injects people with stuff. It'd be interesting if a variety of ammo that could be 'brewed' by a chemist could be incorporated into that.

So far all we have are drugs...

Why not poisons too?

I like the idea if a lot of restrictions are put on it. �You can't OD on spiked drinks. �The spiker must have his sneakyness rolled against the drinkers perception. �Anybody watching either party is also rolled against. �Though the drinker might not notice it, their big bad boyfriend might. �The bartender should also have a strong advantage, though not unbeatable, to notice drinks on the bar being tampered with. �The reason we don't want people spiking drinks left and right is because we don't want people just shoving drugs down other players throats without any RP and then we have everybody strung up on drugs and they aren't even sure why. �Also players who are victims of this don't necessarily want to be RPing a drug addicted player and are probably going to go cold turkey to beat it rather than give the dealer business, especially if it was the dealer himself who spiked the drink. �If this were implemented into the game though, it would be important that it's there to support use of a variety of drugs. �At the moment I think players have been doing a good job trying to mix up their drug usage so not everybody is a V-202 fiend. �But it's still a trend that players love the V-202 and there should be in game incentives for players to try different things. �So is this were implemented I would support only pills being able to go into drinks, that means no V-202. �As for drugs you smoke, using a different skill to lace cigarettes by taking them apart and replacing a little of the tobacco with TH would be the way to go. �The better you are at it, the better you are at putting the cigarette back together. �The final point I want to make is that although we don't have spiking drinks implemented in game, there are ways drug pushers can go about getting more customers. �Peer pressure, or pure force. �Pushers right now shouldn't be as nice about it as they are, grab somebody by the legs and have some of your goons beat them up and threaten to kill them unless they shoot up. �Then sell them drugs from time to time as a kind of protection money. �If they try to get off the drugs do it again and tell them its in their best interests to keep popping those pills. �RP it out.

(Edited by Cryer at 1:34 pm on Oct. 1, 2008)

This is an old idea but, I wanted to revive it because I've been thinking about how cool it'd be to be able to spike stuff. I like Cryer's ideas on it too.
Would you be able to spike only drinks on a bar or a drink in somebody's hand?
Isn't this implemented already?
It is with various checks in place already.
I guess whatever skills and stats are used to show a command just aren't available to my character. My apologies.