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Sparring weapons
non-lethal alternatives

While there are some weapon types that already can be used for non-lethal combat for sparring there are certain weapon types that (to my knowledge) don't have a non-lethal alternative.

The two main types of weapons are short blade and guns. If we could add like a blunted/wooden knife comparable to the wooden bokken for long blade users, that would be a nice addition for sparring matches. Also, for guns if we could add pellet/paintball guns or even just alternative rubber ammo magazines for the same purpose that would be pretty awesome.

Or boxing gloves for martial arts or brawling. And thet minimize[/] damage instead of adding. Since that's what they are supposed to do.
People used to use Super Happy Fun Land for this.

Since it's unavailable, this sounds like a good work-around for huge benefit to me.

I definitely like the damage reducing boxing gloves.
I feel it would generate great roleplay with sparring weapons.
Meh... You give them over 40 functioning weapons and now they want LARP variants...


You want a weapon that does less damage? Spar with a t-shirt. Tea cup?

You can find things to use, plus, you can always 'holdback' your stats. That would minimize damage. In some ways.

Just an idea. :)


(And that's a hell of a weapons list.)

What I want is weapons that wont cause you to bleed to death if you are in a friendly sparring match. That was what the point of this thread was. @holdback doesn't stop a weapon from slicing you open if it hits.

As was mentioned before, Super Happy Funland.. USED to be a good place for this. It is not in use anymore.

The melee skill is special, Crafty.

Because that's the skill that's used when you fight with non-weapon items like a tee shirt.

Most fighting skills don't have a nerfy option. Definitely not any of the actual hand-to-hand skills, and while there are some underpowered weapons for armed skills too, they aren't as nerfy as a t-shirt.

You want to get the feel of fighting *with* the weapon and seeing how it fights/is used. Not just fighting.

I understand that (and I understand melee).

Thanks for the response.

I'm not saying anyone owes it to us or anything, and the weapons system is great as far as I can tell. I'm glad this idea is being considered, though, because to me there's a lot of RP depth to be mined in the choice between a stun gun and a killing machine. Another cypk game I've enjoyed, gets a lot out of it by on the one hand, having the anarchists barely care if you go around stunning the aggressive youth in their region but hate you if you kill them (even terrible criminals deserve a chance to change their path), while megacorps don't react much differently at all (it's more important that you stole the paydata), and everything in between. Whether you carry one or both kinds of weapons and whether you care enough to switch as you move from one region to another - and whether it's tactical or social reasoning to do so - is as important to your RP as whether you're the type to slaughter friendly forces for disrespecting you or secure the objective quickly and run away from the rest of the fight.

To translate to SD: What's your objective in Red combat, for example? Not just offensive or defensive stance, running away, etc. but let's say you dominate a given battle scenario: Are you more likely to butcher someone to send them and their team a message; or knock out the guards so you can grab that briefcase, then drag them inside and close the door behind them without taking their personal gear? Would you rather jack someone by screaming "ON YOUR KNEES!" holding an unloaded but visibly lethal weapon, or knocking them out quick and grabbing their stuff with a minimum of fuss? There are all kinds of combat objectives in between and it opens up a wide array of styles that affect the average lifespan but also the kinds of relationships you have with (in this scenario) (other) mixers. Maybe all along the spectrum some people will see you as doing your job fairly, some as too brutal and others as not violent enough. Without saying anything negative about the work that's gone into weapons so far, this can only add to the RP possibilities if it ever does get coded. I'm already imagining how various people would choose between lethal and less-lethal force based on their politics, social relations and philosophies.