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Softer Disconnection Emote
Often very difficult to RP around the default.

The default disconnection emote is a bit...dramatic. In the majority of situations players are either:

1) Disconnecting briefly and unintentionally and if their character dropping like a sack of potatoes is even acknowledged IC it's usually as them drifting off or spacing out for a minute rather than collapsing like a string-cut marionette, or;

2) Falling asleep for the night, on seating of some kind where they're not slumping unconscious to the floor in a heap, they're laying in their bed or curled up on their sofa.

While this @message can be customized there's good reasons to not do so, and most players won't. It's not really an issue as such but especially with new players trying to RP around someone falling into a heap on the floor in the middle of conversation and everyone else just rolling with it (because it happens so often in situations where it just doesn't make sense to integrate into roleplay), I think something a little milder might make sense.

More complicated but something else that I had thought of was a two-step disconnection. A softer emote (like someone closing their eyes) when they disconnect and once that follows a minute later if they don't reconnect which is them actually falling asleep or passing out.

A totally valid point, but I still burst out into laughter whenever someone I'm speaking to suddenly slumps over unconscious, so I'm against this change purely based on that.
Anyone who has seen enough DC's to know that they maybe shouldn't take the @passout message literally also knows that one minute is often not enough to resolve a fleeting DC.

How much is enough? It's damn hard to zero in on a particular duration. Do you want to consider making it the same length as the automated dontfuckwithsleeper protection? It's the only timing signal which would make any sense.

My opinion is that this is one of those things people only have to learn once before knowing how to behave, and that that's the size of the problem this idea wants to solve.

Would you be attack-able during this transitional phase?
I would say no attackable, on the grounds of having 0 control when you DC and wait for your net to be brought back.. >.> Perhaps an ooc thing saying "This character is having connection problems, wait until connection returns." when someone tries to ping the character (with poses/emotes/to/attack/ect) or something, that is if the game has an ability to tell the difference between a @quit and shitty net not pinging?

God, a system like that would save me a lot of weird scenarios where people try to bring up my shitty net ICly, like yes, I know my internet is bad!! Please don't bring it up because it makes no sense to if my character is only out for 40 seconds..

... I know my internet is bad!! Please don't bring it up because it makes no sense to if my character is only out for 40 seconds..

"I see that you have a tenuous connection with consciousness." ;)

If people are turning your OBVIOUS OOC transient disconnect into an IC thing, you're free to just utterly ignore it and pretend they didn't do it. Just like they should be pretending you didn't fall asleep when they KNOW it was a brief disconnection and reconnection.

Sometimes the person who DC'd will roleplay it somehow. Follow their lead, do not powergame at them by imposing RP on the other person's OOC connection quality.

I've experienced such a range of dubious IC responses to DCs from both newbies and experienced players alike that I have to agree the messaging could use tweaking. I've had newbies start a panic IC thinking I've been suddenly killed, older players blackmailing and exploiting the character based on 2 minutes of downtime, hundreds of thousands of dollars lost because half a dozen characters fucked off the moment the character dropped unconscious, etc. It's definitely a mechanic you catch onto quickly but it could be communicated more intuitively.
Jaka: I have a special announcement, everyone!

Jaka collapses to the ground in an unconscious heap.

It's hilarious every time, and most folks OOCly lol. Then the person comes back, clears their throat, gets a repost, and things move on.

But I wouldn't be against the current passout emote to be delayed 1 minute, with a softer "%N zones out, becoming unaware of %p surroundings." playing immediately on disconnect.

No different states, just a second message sent 60-90 seconds after disconnect if still disconnected.

Just to clarify, that's...

Immediately on disconnect: %N zones out, having become unaware of %p surroundings.

New message, 90 seconds after disconnect if still disconnected: %N collapses to the ground in an unconscious heap.