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Soft in the head
Portable skillsoft wallets?

I don't know if these already exist but i've never seen any. Seeing as you can't fit skillsofts in your wallet, a wallet for your skillsofts would be nice. Somewhere you can stick all your skillsofts instead of carting them around in your pocket and getting pocket lint all up in them.
+1 to this

Kinda like the those little game carry cases you'd get for Gameboy.

Like keeping Nintendo 3DS games in their own bag designed for the game-disks. :'P

Whoa, MrFye just jinxed me.
I am pretty sure there is an item in game that can already do this.
It'd make sense thematically. It'd be like in the Matrix where they download a program.

Whether mixer or corpie, can picture someone pulling out their little case and plugging in an appropriate skillsoft before doing a task.

Especially for topsiders - compensating their abilities in day-to-day life with flash and chrome.

Buy a briefcase :D
Yeah but whipping around Breifcase just for skillsofts? That seems a bit much. I think true softheads would be more caring for their softs. Like gameboy gamers. Yes practically at the moment briefcases do the job but themely i don't think anyone in their right mind other than a fixer would keep skillsofts in a briefcase
It seems themely to me, yeah. Sort of like deckers plug themselves into the matrix on the go, why would a hardcore techfreak or multitasking corpie bother with anything else but what's just right?
It's like photographers - they have small cases for memory cards for the digital cameras, so makes sense to have one for skillsofts.
Oh I don't disagree, just thought you didn't know if there were things that currently held them.
Oh I know there are things that hold them. I just thought something specifically designed to hold them would be nice. As the others are saying. What sort of tech junkie doesnt take the best care of their tech, not including cyberjockies that don't care about meatspace.
Like wallets just hold your money. You can put money in a suitcase, and anything else really. If that's the case, you wouldn't need a wallet when you can just stuff your money in a briefcase. But it's hardly convenient.
Portable steel coolers?
Aren't they already portable? Skillsofts don't need cooling, though.
+1 on the idea. A small impact resistant case, large enough to fit ten or so skillsofts.
Something like this: