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Small improvement to thievery.
Slipping/ Thieving

I think it'd be a good idea to add commands to both pick up items as well as place them in your inventory or another persons hand while attempting to be inconspicuous about it. For example, I use Thieve wallet from table to try and get it in my hands without being noticed. Then I could use Slip wallet to me and then it goes into my inventory right in front of them without 'em noticing, assuming my thievery stat can out-do their perception. Could also be used towards other people to allow things like money or items to be transferred between two people without them being noticed, with the stats of both parties applying to the success chance. Slip 500 to , ect.
I think this hasn't been implemented because of abuse considerations. If I could steal something from someone and then slip there items into my pockets - you could in theory clean out someone's entire inventory in front of them rather than be limited to two or so items before being forced to sneak elsewhere.

Otherwise, it makes complete sense for these commands to exist.

I really like this idea. It's like self-dipping or using the dipping skillset for inconspicuous purposes. Draw a gun while you're stealthing, etc.
Would make sense for there to be a mechanic that implements an increased chance of failure with every attempt?
You're not supposed to go into someone's pockets more than once anyways.
As long as the pickpocket rule is enforced onto this, I agree that you should be able to put away items stealthily without breaking stealth, with of course it being skill dependant. I also think it might be viable to make this only for items under a certain weight and size? Like, you're obviously gonna have to reveal yourself if you go to pick up a body before hiding again, and putting away a large item like, say, a ProTek flak-jacket might still cause some noise or take effort.
Stuff like putting away wallets or slipping chy would be pretty cool though. Just not sure if it should be on all objects of all sizes.
I like to idea of stealing someones thing and planting it on another person! Maybe the size/mass of it could be tied to related skills/attributes? So a started could at most maybe plant a wallet, but later on you could do so with phones etc?
You can already plant stuff on people, Marleen. Help plant :)
Ah, then I love the original idea even more :D