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Skillsoft balancing idea - load times
A drawback to skillsofts

I know this has been likely debated all over the place, checking over the previous threads I have not seen this suggestion come up, apologies if it is re-treading old ground. But I saw skillsofts come up in the townhall suggestions and thought to mention this.

Why not introduce a load time and unload time to skillsofts?

I do not think there is inherently an issue with what skillsofts do, perhaps a perception. The details and lists of perceived issues that others have brought up, I will not bother mentioning as it has been covered extensively and better than I can likely offer.

But I do think that there could be a drawback to suddenly filling your head with the equivalent of ten thousand hours of experience in a field in less than a second and yanking it out. It taking time to acclimate to that new knowledge could be understandable, and ICly could be part of an software, health concern or policy change.

It could be a new way of looking at potentially balancing the perception of EU investment into skills vs EU investment into stats vs the Chy investment that is brought up with skillsofts.

Think before you slot

It could make skill slotting a balancing act, rather than sitting then swapping softs on the fly carrying out a whole list of things involving different skills.

it could reduce the cut out of individuals who have invested in skills, especially skills that a Skillsoft allows you to do most things with little financial investment and those in the middle ground of a skill.

It could lead to skill chips being more likely to be socketed in a socket during times where those chips and investment could be vulnerable. Making opportunities to get those chips more likely.

I speak from my personal experience with the game, and reading other peoples experiences, but understand this is a limited view of the topic. It is very hard to discuss this topic without dipping into IC examples to show the perception I personally have and have seen in others.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope it brings about change or understanding as to why things are the way they are and lay rest to the debate.