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Skilled Repairs
For when you really have to display those skills.

I watched a mini documentary about a tailor in Japan that specializes in restoring heavily worn clothing, and it got me to thinking. What if a tailor who was really skilled in their craft could repair clothing without the repairs being so obvious? Maybe another tailor would be able to spot subtle imperfections and pattern changes in the material, but your every day chummer won't be able to see if you paid primo chy to get your custom threads nearly fully repaired. This could be a goal for tailors to try and aspire to, outside of simply making their clothing more valuable.


I love that!
It really isn't, so when you get patched, it's patched and very annoying.
Which means that if you want non-patched, you have to replace the whole thing.
i do think it might be intentional to keep the economy rolling
Then why not give two repair options:

1. that uses 50% material to make new one, but repairs back to pristine.

2. The one we have now, ugly and patchy, but better than holes.

It is a bit annoying to have clothes remade, materials itself generally are not the expensive part, and most tailors do not charge you for making a replica.

then most tailors don't know how to hustle

repairing/patching isn't as expensive as tailoring new clothes, I do think the logic behind is to keep reusing your old clothes that were damaged instead of paying more chy for new, undamaged ones

you don't want the patch to show up in your desc? then get a new shirt made and replace the one that you got shot in

That's why I suggested giving two repair option, the more expensive one is as creating new item but without having to actually recreate it. And to balance it requires some materials, maybe high enough skill, and is something people will happily pay the tailors. And that also reduces the bullet-riddled clothes spam in dumps.
instead of 50% material it really should use the full material otherwise it's still cheaper than paying for new clothing imo
I am kinda okay with that too, though this leaves less margin for the tailor. My thinking was that this allows the skilled tailor to repair them at half-cost, and the other half is profit + whatever they charge on top for the proper repair.