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Skill Cooperation
Multiple players cooperating on skill checks

In the discussion over surveillance tech removal, the point was made what was the distinction between a high UE investment combat character and a high UE investment tech character, when it came to one character being dominant over all the others.

It occurs to me that combat skills are somewhat unique right now in the sense that multiple players can 'pool' their skills together to become something stronger than the most UE invested individual character among them.

It might be interesting if non-combat skills could do this as well, something like '@assist ' where two players (or more?) could cooperate on skill checks by pooling their skills together, with some percentage of the lower skilled player's skill being added to the higher player's skill, when the check is made, while they remained together.

Things this could enable:

+ Teaching characters (and players) to drive and fly, or one character helping another drive in poor weather, with less risk of crashing for the learner.

+ Two (or more?) characters working together on a tech job (like taking down super tough cameras, or cracking advanced tech) that neither of them alone could manage.

+ Art collaboration that would be more valuable and more showy than a single artist working alone.

+ Giving high UE specialists a reason to work with lower-skilled characters on jobs to make their work even better.

Combat skills (dodge, weapons) could be omitted and the @assign could also break on combat along with various other states.

My bad, I did search but I missed this one:

This topic came up in a thread about the second point above (taking down super hard devices), so I'm bumping it for discussion purposes (if any).

Three years later, still think it would be a cool idea to have an assist style command so that cooperating players could act like the sum of their parts in non-combat actions.