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And how to make it a command people don't OOCly avoid

Sing in its current form is undesirable by both performers and listeners. Maybe we could remove the symbols entirely and use an adjective-based system, like we have for skills/attributes?
I would enjoy if this could be linked with like a 'Sings well' or 'sings horrendously' kinda messages that designate how well the person might be singing.
i mean, even if the singing command did go from useless novelty to actually maybe useful, having stuff like "sings well" or "sings bad" would be kinda pointless for enforcing skill, considering most performers just use text in poses anyway?
I can't speak for others, but I'm always looking for ways to change things up. Being able to throw in a stray 'sing' or two in a performance for punctuation and such would be fun.
What's wrong with the sing command?
considering most performers just use text in poses anyway?

One of the reasons they do this is because the sing command doesn't yield any skillcheck information. If it did, I'm sure some performers would use it in good faith alongside the poses.

As is, I've seen people OOCly (both as performers and viewers) voice discontent over the little ASCII notes added to the lines it puts out. COULD also be an issue with screen readers? I dunno.
I personally think that it's really awful aesthetically the way it currently is.
oooh, you don't like my music notes that are trying to communicate tempo.
When you play musical instruments in the same room someone is singing, the tempo is set by the instrument players and expressed through the person singing.
That's actually amazing to know. I had no idea that was a thing.
Well I see no one is using it? I believe people can't really feel or describe a tempo with only o/ in between o/ each words. And it also o/ isn't looking o/ really good aesthetically.
Speaking for myself, I had no idea whatsoever that the placement of the notes was the game's attempt at setting a tempo. This from someone who has used sing and instrument commands and found the placement of the note characters to be in no way remotely related to the music I imagined.
@beandip Agreed. while it may be an attempt to do so, I think that attempt falls a bit flat. The notes tend to do little more than muddle up the lines of a performance, in my experience.
For what its worth, I did like the musical notes but then again almost nobody uses said command for whatever reasons and as mentioned many times before, it would be nice for the command to do an automatic skill-check and broadcast to the room how good or how bad the performers are.
Also, even if kept as is, not being able to see the breaks to be able to adjust tempo when practicing solo is unfortunate.