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Simple food request

I know the food isn't a super high priority but.. I was wondering if we could please get a 'plate of' and a 'bowl of' item added to the grocery store? This would allow cooks to make plates and bowls of food.

Right now we can only make a heap of sandwich or rice type food for the most part, but that tiny addition would open up a lot more creativity - and people should probably be able to put food on a plate or bowl if they have a kitchen and an island.

A few players are able to do it because someone once added some of the breakfast items from the NeoTransit buffet to the grocery store, like a plate of bacon, eggs and toast. Some players managed to buy that recipe and could then make 'plates of' food. But then those items were taken away and now only a few people have it.

Thanks for considering!

100% agree, I am not sure if there is coding, or data reasons for limiting these prefixes. But it would go a ways to openning up more invetive food items, especially with the 'feed' command and the potential to force people to eat thoroughly unpleasent and on theme things. Rats and loan dodgers beware.


You know, make really lovely food :D

wish if you killed a dog/rat/cat you could add it to your island, for the mix chefs out there