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Simple Character Creation Agency

There's a lot in the game that we don't[/] have control over with our characters, and for the most part that's fine. With the Substats system for instance, that's a system that takes away agency in Player Decision to a certain degree.

But, I'm not actually here to argue/complain about substats. I don't believe anything related to system obfuscation is ever gonna change.

I just want to be able to decide on my character's specific[/b] height and weight at Character Creation. Like... May I please be allowed to make decisions on what my character's actual height is, instead of it being random rolled? There is so much in the game that is left up in the air with your own character, so being able to at least decide on their height/weight would be heavily appreciated.

Here's a similar post on the topic

I decided to make a new one to focus more on the Player Agency aspect of it, instead of Metric/Imperial conversion.

I get that mods can be used to change height/weight. But the way mods are presented in-game makes it seem more like they're for more overt expressions of wealth. Mods are also very expensive and risky depending on the means available to your character, and just having your character look the way you want your character to look can help keep a new player going long enough to actually make the amount of money a mod like that would cost.

I get that in real life you don't have control over your height. That's why I'm playing Sindome and NOT real life. I also don't get 3 points of Unassigned UE a day in real life to assign to my Endurance to improve my 19km run.

Can we please be allowed to define our character's specific height/weight in character generation? To maintain it as more an open discussion I'll also ask: Does this matter to anyone other than me?

Could we also have a way to change our character's weight with in-game means related to diet/exercise or something? Once again I'll also ask: does this matter to anyone other than me?

Do these suggestions seem like useful ways for Staff to utilize their time?

Another thing I just realized, is that when players are not spending tens of thousands of chyen on getting their character's heights/weights to be what the want, they have more access to tens of thousands of chyen they could be using to hire solos for hits and such.

The more money not going towards making your own character's height and weight the way you envision them at character creation, the more money going towards the over Game Economy.

First of all, to address the elephant of the post, why is the entire thing italicized? That was just dreadful to read.

To answer your second and third question, people do care about this. But then comes the bigger question, does it matter? To which I think, simply, no.

Height and weight can be an eyesore to look at in your @stats. You rolled an average weight with a small body type, and the weight you got compared to your height makes your character absolutely morbidly obese. Great. Let's take a look at what such a thing can do.

It can change your short description. If you are short and heavy, you can be a 'squat person'. If you are the right weight to your height, you can be 'curvy'. These things can be important to the way you define your character. But they can also be completely 100% manipulated in chargen. Don't like the roll you got? You can just restart chargen and do it again and get another roll. It takes 10 seconds to do.

Outside of these sdescs, what does your height do? I can only think of one thing that height does, and the only way for someone to get your specific height is for you to tell them what it is. You're not really forced to say what your @stats height number is and you're not really forced to abide by it.

Weight. Weight is a little more important. I can think of only two things your characters weight does. One of those things is exactly as meaningless as the height because it effects the same thing. The other thing (I think) is more meaningful, but likely isn't going to effect your play.

But what if it does?

Well, if you have been dieting and doing some RP doing exercise for a long period of time, or you've been binging and eating a ton of food items, I've heard of cases where you could get your weight modified without a mod. So I think what you want already exists in the realm of possibility.

Because they made a mistake and initially italicized one word and then when they went to close it they used the bold tag so it just kept italicizing. It doesn't appear to be intentional, and you can also just paste it into gmail or something to read if the italics are hard on the eyes.
What crashdown said, I messed up with italics. And at some point in Sindome's history, Bitchboard post editing was removed. I don't know why, but lots of functions were removed, including editing and quotations. Unless they're still here and I just don't know how to do them.

Either way, thank you so much for your reply alkaline. I'll do my best to address all the points you made.

"So I think what you want already exists in the realm of possibility." This is amazing, thank you so much for letting me know about this. I will look into it.

"You're not really forced to say what your @stats height number is and you're not really forced to abide by it." If that's the case that would be great, but please don't take offense with me reaching out to Staff to confirm this. If it's true that I'm not forced to abide by it, then that is absolutely great. That would be like the best, most simple "fix."

"Don't like the roll you got? You can just restart chargen and do it again and get another roll. It takes 10 seconds to do." It's good that it can be manipulated at chargen. That is like, the crux of the matter right there. Pretty much problem solved. But I still think that players should be notified at Chargen that their height/weight is randomly rolled, and that they can restart chargen to change them if they want it to be different. Or, you know. Allow those values to be customized by players.

"But then comes the bigger question, does it matter? To which I think, simply, no." This, and other sentiments in the vein of "What does it actually do?" My reply to this is that even though it doesn't do anything, Style over Substance is very important to Cyberpunk. Gameplay wise it might not matter, but "Style over Substance" is so heavily here that it even shows up on this page