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Silver hair
Gray isn't fashionable enough for the cyberpunk future

This may be a bit of a trivial @idea, but I noticed that the options for hair color do not include silver. As characters are able to dye their hair in nearly any color they'd like, from navy blue to bright gold, I think that adding silver into the dyeing options of the autostyler would be a themely and fun addition. I've considered gray but that has too many connotations with old age, and isn't as chic as silver-dyed hair.
Silver isn't in there? Weird. I always assumed it was. Since it works for tailoring!
Right? I just checked again both with the hairstyle me command and the @colors hair... no silver.
I think I saw someone with silver hair in their description. I wonder what color they actually chose. Probably gray or white and described it as that.
I think the closest thing is "platinum blond".
I don't see any reason why we couldn't have codedly silver hair, when we can already change our hair to 5 various shades of blue.
xooc I wonder why we haven't yet. I'll add it to my list and see if I Can figure out how, or pester someone to do it.
Live fast and leave a pretty corpse.

Because that's the only coded way anyone ever sees your coded hair colorl

Thank you, you're amazing!
Awesome! Whilst at it, maybe check if some others should be added that aren't in there? To prevent future issues like this!
Haircolor is actually part of the noticability function. That is to say, the hair colors are ranked and adding new ones willy nilly will indirectly affect the scores your hair colors calculate out to - meaning for some of you, your hair would disappear from your short description just because we added more color varieties for hair.

Make do with 'bright white' please. :)

Tangentially related:

Chargen allows "Strawberry blonde" hair color, but at no other point in the systems (@colors hair, or using a Styler) is that color available under that name, though it is likely extant in the system. Could it simply be clarified what color this actually is and be named that way universally?

Good catch, PCow. Please @bug that inconsistency.