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SICnal lost notification
Less spam!

We are constantly connected to the feed that is SICnet, it exists in our necks and seems integrated with what's in our skulls, somehow. So I find it very weird that have to manually check whether you've lost SICnal, I imagine that this is something my PC would spot instantly.

So if it is suddenly gone, you could see a message "Connection to SIC network lost, hallelujah", and then when you are back in range "Connected back to SIC network, have mercy.". This help reduces the amount of spamming around and typing "ch" or other commands just to check if you have signal or not. And ideally an optional feature, in case someone prefers to not get such notifications.

I would really, really, really appreciate this. Would be so helpful. I type CH every block I walk at this point.
I'm pretty sure it's kinda on purpose you don't get notifications. Plus it would make for a lot of spam too, imho
I mean yeah would be fucking great.
Not sure what is the purpose, especially as you overcome it with a bit of OOC command spamming.
Notifications would make it more difficult to ambush people out of SIC zones. I would prefer to not have this feature, frankly.
Aaactually yeah that's a great point. I didn't realize that one.
How so?
Well the sudden absence or resurgence of sic chatter should be indication enough, no?
I mean, you can replicate this very thing by literally spamming ch, ct, ca etc. The only difference is that having ti as notification makes more IC sense to me, as this is something you are connected to.
I mean makes sense, If SIC is thousands of voices in our heads surely we would know instantly when our SIC signal drops? maybe an optional toggle?
I prefer this not being implemented because nothing beats trying to SIC your chummer only to realize you've lost SICnal when you get ambushed.
That's still going to happen as this doesn't change sic coverage, just allows you to keep track of it without needing to spam commands.
It'll change the emotional context, moving the surprise. No.
I'm not sure how this would work IC. I mean, your SIC doesn't know you're in brown out. You just are. It would be like your cell phone telling you you're out of service - you only know when you look down and see no bars.

I feel SIC would be the same way. You're constantly moving and SIC brown outs are a rolling thing, so it wouldn't give you a 'oops you're out of signal' or a 'yay, you are in signal' because that would mean your chip is tracking the signal versus just receiving it when in range?

Well the way It is presented is you have these voices in your head all the time. so if 70 million voice suddenly do quiet I'm pretty sure your character would notice. Seems like jumping someone out of SIC is taking advantage of OOC knowledge over IC knowledge. but *shrug*
Well the way It is presented is you have these voices in your head all the time. so if 70 million voice suddenly do quiet I'm pretty sure your character would notice. Seems like jumping someone out of SIC is taking advantage of OOC knowledge over IC knowledge. but *shrug*
"if 70 million voice suddenly do quiet I'm pretty sure your character would notice. "


I mean, we can argue all day the pros and cons of implementing a notification of it, or debate different ways it could be indicated -- (that it'd be sorta spammy (but I like most people just spam 'ch' anyway so?), that there are strategic reasons for not doing so, etc.) but can we please not in other discussions constantly harp on people to remember it's a city of 70 million people and not to small world on SIC etc. etc. etc. and then pretend brownouts with all those voices constantly going in and out of your head wouldn't be VERY noticeable?

The cell phone comparison is like...apples to groves of orange trees. Think more you have 30 cell phones superglued to your body, constantly ringing at all times. Do you think you'd notice when you were in service or not? :)))

No one ever in a thousand years no matter how 'used to it' would be real super surprised by a brownout. They may get jumped in a brownout and be like 'yeah, this sucks studdly!' but they'd never get jumped AND THEN be like 'oh no, a brownout, I wish I'd known!' lol

This idea was brought up before and some points mentioned seem to be noteworthy:

I deal with an immense amount traffic on my freeways, living in Los Angeles county. So much so that I tune out the opposing traffic 90% of the time. This is the same thing.

You're tuning it out. Think of the public messages you see as those that rise from the overall background noise of every other message.

Going by that analogy, yep, you ignore that traffic - your brain considers it as mere background. But if in the middle of the drive the cars on the other side suddenly disappear, your brain would definitely register this fact as it's a material change in the background.

Happened due to construction. Didn't notice. Asked wife. She told me I was telling her something about our son, so I didn't notice. :)
Keep in mind that the systems in Sindome, though they lean heavily towards realism, are all there to facilitate a fun roleplaying game. To this end, some things may go against what seems obvious in the real world, in favor of keeping competitive game mechanics that work within the system.
Yeah if that background traffic noise were to suddenly go silent you would notice instantly you wouldn't have to pay attention to notice. As jameson said there seems to be a lot of variation between when IC is important and when it is not. small world stuff. Just seems a weird thing to be against.
But I still think you'd notice if there were, car raptures and all that traffic you still mostly tune out occasionally completely disappeared / reappeared?

idk, I get that this has been suggested like a dozen times and the staff have always shot it down so it's likely never to happen (and that there are, as Cerb pointed out in the past, also probably MOO-side technical limitations holding it back anyway). But that people don't notice all that random silencing, that's a mega stretch I'm never going to a buy.

Windows up, conversation, music or talk radio going. At a good speed, you don't hear shit from the other side outside the overall drone of the freeway. I used to live 20 ft from one of the busiest freeways in America, so I have 3 years of experience of tuning it out, see.
The technical constraints of notifying connected players on a state change aren't that intense. They are real to be sure, especially with the sic, but not blocking this issue.

We don't want to change how this affects gameplay. We don't want to tell you when WE change the deadzones on you either. Or hackers in the future. :)

I imagine living in the Mix and even topside can be extremely noisy (imagine being in a crowded mall but ten times over), a momentary lull in the thoughts in your head can be expected and you would probably not notice.
Even when I'm just chatting with one person in a room with no ambpop, I still find myself tuning out the pubSIC noise.

It's only when there's a lull in the conversation when I'm like, "huh, it's quiet."

Suspense > convenience.

This post is going to be part hypothetical suggestions about way to get ICly okay with the way SIC works, and part OOC commentary on the system.

70 million voices. All the time, except when it's not there. Do you REALLY want that? I'm sure Johnny and Slither can code up a stream of NOISE that will go ALL THE TIME (except when it doesn't) and completely overwhelm your ability to parse it.

Imagine your screen scrolling non-stop as quickly as your CPU can display text. Hundreds if not thousands of lines every few seconds.

You'll lose poses, emits, combat messages, the whole nine yards. But you'll at least have "realistic" experience of what the noise of 70+ million, always thinking people is like.

The flipside of being overwhelmed is the functional system that we currently have.

With the system, your character notices that SIC is out when they notice it is out. "I haven't heard from X in a few minutes." "I want to talk to Y." "I haven't seen that shared key that A and B have been using lately."

I think that the need to type / think commands every once in a while (ch, ct, who, whatever) to 'check' on the network is PERFECT. It shows the addiction to it right there. Some characters are so attached to SIC that they are constantly check to ensure that they have a connection.

To get into some abstract thought here; maybe characters are only aware of those who are nearby or who they have come across, day after day. It's a mixture of psychic energy and a radio transmitter that has been welded into the brain stem and central nervous system. Perhaps the mind subconsciously filters out all the "other" voices and remains aware of those from people whose presence and proximity has the potential to affect it.

There's a pretty commonly accepted theory that the mind can only consciously remain of 7, plus or minus 2 stimuli and / or thoughts at a time. Some people struggle with 5, while others seem to rarely miss anything up at 9. Advertisers use this knowledge all the time to 'overwhelm' the senses and disengage the conscious mind, forcing consumers to rely on emotion and conditioning to 'make sense' of what they are being sold.

Random thoughts about perception and the mind aside, perhaps an awareness of brown-outs can be coded. Maybe some people are SO FOCUSED on the SIC network that they are aware of when it goes out. At the same time, they are UNAWARE of plenty of other things (the dip lurking in the shadows, the same person who has been following them every day for the last week, the fact that the cashier short changed them).

I say if those people want an option to toggle on, let them. And toss in a few penalties to Perception and Intelligence at the very minimum. Maybe even Agility to simulate a lack of attention being paid to their body. (Just like people staring down at their phones and walking are more likely to bump into people, trip over curbs, whatever)

If you've read this far, maybe experiment with your consciousness for a second. Set a timer for a minute, then relax and seem how many stimuli you can maintain awareness of AT THE SAME TIME. The sensation of sitting there. The sound of these words as you read them, unless you read purely visually. The colors on the screen. The wall across the room. That sound over there. What was the first thing on the list? What did you have for breakfast yesterday? What's your best friend's email address? Do you even remember what your room smells like as you're reading, looking at the monitor, following your thoughts....

Yeah, fun. Right?

Are you SURE you want a "real" reproduction of 70+ million people's thoughts in your head?