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SIC Stooge

Personally I find in game tracking tech to be very powerful and difficult to counter. I think there has been a lot of others mentioning this too. An idea came to mind for an electronic device I'm calling a SIC stooge, which is a repurposed testing device where you could take some freshly creased chummer's chip and insert it to mimic them. This would include sending SIC messages, perhaps remotely even, so it could mislead anyone tracking the signal. After a while, like a disguise, it could burn out the chip requiring a new one after so much time or so many messages.
I think this would ruin the entire point of tech already in the game.
It can be countered if you know what you’re doing and tech is great but not outstanding and unable to counter
SIC tracking technology is not something everyone has.

And yeah.. The entire point of topside is kinda that you can't really avoid it without trying hard. That's just the way things are. It will be always easier to track corpies.

There's already ways
I have extensive experience with this tech. It is one of those things that is surrounded by fiction and fact that the only feasible way to explain the hours of IC track-and-murder science that has been done experimenting with my ace cools on how to use it, how it doesn’t work, how you can duck it, etc is only possible IC. Anything else would be a huge breach and injustice imo.

For the price of the equipment, and what it can do, I think it is pretty fair.

Don't mind me just skimmin' the forums for IC info B)
If you want to avoid it, learn from someone who has used it.
My thought is a tool like this could offer more options if balanced in a way that doesn't completely invalidate other tech. It feels very CP to have a raid bust into a room and find it loaded with rigged explosives and this little gizmo. It would make people tacking need to think, is this a trap a bit more and build tension.
As-is the system feels balanced. There are many, many ways to protect yourself. I can't say more than that but if you're having problems with this IC there is likely more you could be doing.

I also don't think this post should even be public because it is yet another tipping people off to IC info. If you have suggestions for things that you can't make without spilling IC secrets or opening the door to them being spilled, you can make a @note or use email.

Agree with Vera on all counts. Also, it's balanced as is.
I mean, Slither literally has a post where he names the equipment.

On the other side of the same coin, if you think someone is spilling IC info you can xhelp your concerns about it and let staff decide.

The more obfuscation that occurs, the more nothing ever happens.

The way the system is right now has enough give and take to effectively keep people out of reach if they play things right while not making a HEFTY investment and extreme risk to possess absolutely worthless.

From my experience, those that have the tech have definitely earned it.