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SIC Signal
Outage alternative

For starters i'd like to say I really like the SIC. The moment you are in the game you're hearing dozens of voices constantly going on, giving you clues onto what is happening in the game world and clues on who certain players are and what they like. It's a far cry from other MUDs that either put too much in the starting area so its completely overwhelming but keeps regulars there, or the starting area is a dead zone completely free from the idea that any player set foot there and you end up wondering just where everyone is.

One thing that hurts the SIC is the fact that you get random outages, while I understand for flavor, the fact that this can happen when a new player is trying to ask a question or establish them self only to be met with(to them) total silence is fairly discouraging. Especially when an outage can last quite a long time, with no warning.

What I'd propose instead is that messages on the SIC are 'corrupted' in some sort of way that it can't be confused with encryption, and perhaps the ability to pay to have your SIC upgraded to lessen, or remove the outage effects. I think it's fairly in theme to have a technology forced on you that you then have to upgrade if you don't want it to be really shoddy. Perhaps with frequent advertisements to do so.

walk a few rooms over. You'll find more signal. Problem solved.
The thing is...sometimes outages are preferred/in handy. :d
The reason why this and other things might not work as well in the Mix is to encourage players to set goals to move higher OR spend tons of money to find ways around their problems. It's to motivate you and make sure you aren't too comfortable. If you get too comfy you'll get bored.
Though, in addition to this, I did think a cybernetic that boosts SIC signal would be neat.
I think this could work. You could have a few different levels, even though I don't see this happening.

One is to always have signal, and the next would be no ads. Would be nice, but again I don't really see that in a distopian future.

You fools.

SIC outages....


Its a corporate ploy, maannnn. How else are you not going to hear the mix scum bombarding your brainpan with murder news and shit of their dirty lives. By limiting their sic use, obviously!