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SIC Plus
Added convenience, but is it worth the price for you?

In the recent days of the internet, we have seen subscription services take off, offering a level of convenience we've never had at our disposal. To some, these services are a game changer, to others, they're too expensive for one reason or another.

Thinking about SIC this morning, my mind landed here. SIC is the ultimate subscription service, tailoring its price to how much you use certain features. Then, I thought about how this tool could potentially be used to promote an even greater divide between mixers and corpies, if used correctly.

My thought is, what if SIC had a premium option? By which I mean, you would have to head up to the Hall of Justice and pay at the terminal, a certain amount of flash once every month. The price would have to be fairly high, although some positions could offer a discount as a job perk depending on their level of importance to the dome.

In exchange for this monthly payment, the user would gain a couple things. First, unlimited (or at least greatly increased) SIC credit limits. Secondly, the ability to disable public SIC while keeping only encryptions enabled. And/or the ability to not filter by certain words, but by certain aliases publicly.

What do you folks think? Any other perks you think could be used here? Is this a terrible idea?

I'm not 100% sure on all of my claims, but I think that most of these features are there for balance.

Making people pay for SIC bill forces them to get out of the apartment if they want to keep SICcing their buddies about their nefarious plans or whatever.

SIC encryption's downside is the fact that it is displayed on public SIC (which is why the hidden encrypted channel setting is optional)

And if by the last one you mean filter out/in certain aliases I think that's already possible.

The way I understand ci ignore from what I've read is that it filters out everything except the chosen word. Idealy, I would want to either filter out public SIC entirely, or only listen to messages from certain people.
While I understand the desire, I think positive conflict comes from having to slog through inane sic messages to listen to people you talk to. I also dislike the potential for the increased SIC limits to increase apartment sitting. RP takes work and sometimes we just want to chill at home with our buddies and read old grid articles. But developing habits around this may not be good for the game overall.