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SIC overdoses
*insert random gibberish here*

Most of us here on sindome know that when you overdose on some kinds of candy, your chip will inevitably spout an incoherent mess of random gibberish on the pubSIC.

A few keen eyed players, or with good memory, will also know that the 'random' gibberish isn't actually random, and seems to be the same reused keymash every time. Why not make it an actually randomly generated message? Or maybe have it be random in different ways, with some OD's injecting actual randomly picked words in the mix of gibberish.

IDK, I always figured that the SIC overdose message was the same because that’s how the SIC chip reacts when the brain goes haywire on drugs?

You know what would be cool - Different SIC overdose messages for different drugs. Somebody OD’s on Marcy? Now you know they have Marcy in their possession, or that they have a problem with taking too much of it. Maybe don’t even label these different OD messages but let people figure out which drug they correspond to, after a couple times seeing the message they can see a pattern forming and sell data about it.

Every brain is different though so going haywire should be interpreted differently by the chip.

As for your second idea, that's what I meant by having the overdoses be random in different ways, with stuff like, I dunno, weed OD's having a proportionally greater amount of vowels, lowercases and punctuations, while marcy OD's do the opposite.

And also adding randomly selected but fitting words could help identify what drug it is you're overdosing on; if it's a psychedelic it could have words related to colors, shapes and lights, whereas if it's a combat stim it adds in random words about KILL BLOOD DEATH MURDER.