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SIC Improvements
Sometimes you don't know if you don't know...

Hello, I'd like to propose a SIC feature that might make using SIC a lot less frustrating (especially to new players) without changing any of the basic mechanics:

Please add

Oh no.

Everything that I wrote after the first [ i ] tag I used is missing from my post. Is it possible an admin could restore it?


Try pressing the back key. I'm sorry, losing a post is horrible.
Thank you Kuzco. You just saved my day.

Here's the original post:


Hello, I'd like to propose a SIC feature that might make using SIC a lot less frustrating (especially to new players) without changing any of the basic mechanics:

Please add

Glad you got it back. And your suggestions seem pretty cool.
I like this idea
Joining the bandwagon, this is actually a huge quality of life tweak, surprised it's not been mentioned before.
Part of the allure is you're not supposed to know when you gain or lose signal. It's an extremely themely consequence of living in Red sector. SIC isn't designed to be informative for the have-nots who have crappy coverage.

There are also tactical element such as stalking someone from the shadows on Red Sector. Waiting for SIC to drop so you can gut them. If you're paranoid about losing signal - move topside or check for signal constantly.

Part of the allure is you're not supposed to know when you gain or lose signal. It's an extremely themely consequence of living in Red sector. SIC isn't designed to be informative for the have-nots who have crappy coverage.

The problem with that is that SIC is millions of voices in your head. When the chattering stops or starts, you really should notice.

At a technical level, its not a switch being toggled where we can inform you of a state change. There's no 'lost signal' event. 'Someone' has to do something. You're doing 'ch', thats when you would notice. Others might notice when they try to message you.

Whether or not you get signal depends on a any number of factors including jammers, amps, distance, level, underground, etc. Gotta open the box to see if the cat is dead.

While I can understand the allure of what is suggested, I have to mirror ReeferMadness.

It's a staple of the horror genre for example, checking the phone, desperate to use it and there's no signal/busy tone.

How would a horror movie be if the moment there was no phone signal, the phone went off on the scared protagonist? It would kill the tension and the reveal, which adds more tension.

SIC should be handled how it is - and how my above example is.

You walk down the street or into a room.

Suddenly a bunch of people you pissed off are staring right at you.

You check your SIC....

Or rather
Yeah, I get the themely element of it. Sort of a hard line to juggle, as I agree it adds something texturally, though considering the level of technology it's sort of weirdly unrealistic to not know / feel it blink in and out. As someone said you're 'hearing' the voices or you aren't, compared to checking a contemporary phone for signal is like comparing an abacus to a graphing calculator.

It usually works fine though if enough people are on or not, as you do notice a clean cut to silence. /shrug

Don't forget about acclimatization. After at least a day of constant chatter in your head, you'd acclimatize yourself to the noise so much, that you probably wouldn't even notice the lack of it. Like how most of us do OOC, certain parts of the SIC stand out to us the player, and the same would be for your character. Also, just like a radio in a car, the signal can get distorted or disappear (tunnels) so realistically, I imagine the same happens to your SIC when you lose signal - muffled noises that are inaudible, before nothing. I think that's the point Johnny was making by saying it's not just a switch.

Don't forget cyberpunk is technology based off looking at 80s Japan, and imagining the future. Realistically, if technology progresses the same as now, by 2099, the Progias would probably be seen as relics. But it hasn't in Sindome, because cyberpunk is high technology, low living. The SIC is high technology, but it's prone to crapping out in Red. Judging by all the descs, it would be hard to notice the SIC signal has gone out in the busy streets - unless your character subconsciously thinks "Hey, where'd SIC go?" or "What happened to BOB, I asked him a question..." and checks themselves.

So far the main counterpoint seems to be that characters might not notice the SIC connection being lost and the therefore abrupt setting in of silence if they didn't pay attention. Apart from the fact that neurology disagrees[0] and the counterexample appearing to be pretty contrived to me, this is dictating a player how to RP. Meaning, even if a player sees the 'Connection lost' message, he could still decide to not let his character notice. Currently that decision is being made for him - always.

Let me add my few cents to the example then: Personally, I've *never* been in the situation described in the example. I once was in a similar situation where I was like 'Oh shit. Better call for help.' and there was no SIC connection. Annoying. I ended up spamming the "cm *insert cry for help*" command seemingly two times a second until it would work. It wasn't a fun experience, not 'awesome' as suggested in the example at all. It was just frustrating. A

"cm *insert cry for help*" command seemingly two times a second until it would work.

Please note, that sort of thing is against the @rules. Don't spam commands please. Thanks!

Please note, that sort of thing is against the @rules. Don't spam commands please. Thanks!

Sure. You saying so pretty much means it's a rule. I however was not able to find any @rule (just skimmed them again) that would apply to that situation - especially having your character repeatedly try to leave a SIC message.

I admit the '2 times a second' was exaggerated but not unlikely for a communication device that's directly linked to your head.

How fast can one think *help!*

While I understand what you're saying Hedone, I don't understand how it's immersion breaking that you were trying SIC and couldn't get a signal. It's no different than having a phone in your hand, frantically pressing the buttons. I get pissed when I lose signal in supermarkets, but you carry on and deal what you can do then and there.

The whole point, in my opinion, with SD is that it's roleplay mirrors real-life in your thought process, and that your character should react how someone would react today. If you got cornered by thugs in real-life, you have to deal with that situation. If you try to call 911 and your phone is not working - then you have to make an IC decision. Do you flee? Do you talk them down? Do you try to fight? Do you shout for help, hoping someone hears?

In those situations, your commands are the equivalent of the same processes your brain goes through. When you try to message someone and there is no signal - that feedback you get from the game is the same feedback those same neutrons would give to the part of your brain trying to call for help. This goes in with the fact that you shouldn't be spamming commands, as your character's brain has already computed the information.

Ergo, your character, like real-life have to make a choice. If you get your ass handed to you because you were too busy trying to SIC for help, then that's still IC RP. It's not a flaw with the mechanics. People die everyday choosing to frantically call for help on their phone, disregarding their surroundings. Some survive by attacking their attacker. Some survive by dealing with the imminent threat briefly, before trying to call for help again (aka the classic, run through the house from serial killer, then hide round the corner, trying the phone again.)

I can perfectly understand where you're coming from, and it irritates me too, especially when you're waiting for an important SIC message. But that's how life is and that is what SD is trying to convey in this mechanic.

At least that's my two cents.

2.F. Spam

Stacking commands so that you shout something 30 times is considered spam.

Spam is like noise pollution on the MOO and is not allowed. Granted, our

keys do 'sometimes' get stuck, but repeat incidents are bogus.

5.A. Abusing by stacking commands

Stacking commands in the lines of disarm/flee/pickpocket etc, is not

allowed on the MOO. In reality you could only attempt these actions once

every few seconds. Players should not and will not be permitted to proceed

with this type of actions. Repetitive and unnecessary stacking causes lag,

and no one wants that.

2.F. Spam

This would only apply if you would actually succeed in communicating.

5.A. Abusing by stacking commands

Stacking doesn't mean what you think it does. Another word would queuing.

Commands 'stack' when you input another command before your character finished the last one. Like walking. You character will only do the next thing once he finished the previous one. Also this specifically refers to combat situation where you are getting an unfair advantage. On top of that 'pickpocket', 'flee', 'disarm' all have been "nerfed" by now to prevent that kind of abuse.

When you queue up commands for the MOO to process the game still has to hold onto that information and run it through while trying to process everything else. So when you stack up a crap ton of commands during combat, like 'flee', even if the game is "nerfed" to make it happen only so often, it still has to process you trying to do it anyways, which can cause lag if there is an undue amount of that happening during a stress on the system.
Thanks for that added info. But we have completely derailed the thread now.

We were discussing whether the benefits of having messages along the lines of "Signal lost" and "Connection restored" outweigh the downside mentioned by others.

I have to side with the guys going against this notification messages. ReeferMadness put it best. Cyberpunk is very much about the haves vs. the have-nots. The haves, have the corporate jobs and lifestyles and live on the upper levels, where SIC brownouts don't happen. The have-nots have to deal with it and struggle to get to a place where you no longer have to worry about it.

The SIC (how it seems to me) is a constant stream, a constant flow of network. Because Red Sector is in very bad condition, other things outside of the network itself are causing the drops in coverage, these are variables the system was not designed for (IMO).

As far as noticing the silence... yea, I don't agree with that either. 65 million people in the city, they don't all rely only on SIC for communication. This means there is a constant murmer of the city itself, that could almost blend with the SIC network. The SIC signal going out would only be -that- noticeable in the unlikey event you are in a quiet place (Which is very rare in Red Sector.)