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SIC Hacking
A modern solution for you SIC bastards.

"SIC was a mistake."

The combined voice of the masses make for a lot of interesting behavior. We even have recently coded features to police those effects and balance it out. I think we should add to this but also create modded gear and chip behavior. Here's some proposed changes for your consideration.

* New Cyberware: SIC Hawt-Swappe Interface. An external and visible modification that allows the host to hot swap SIC chips. Installed by your local Cyberdoc. A skilled cracker with this tech can access encryption keys on the implanted SIC chip (which would now be protected by a layer of security). Highly illegal. Requires no SIC chip and host clones out without chip at Genetek. Installed chip would be kept at temperature by cyberware - anything else needs to be carried in a cooler as always.

* New Chip Modification: Mouthpiece .07b Firmware exploit. A chip modification for the SIC chip that adds a small amount of ram and modifies the firmware of the chip itself. SIC Chip is modified by your local Electro technician and installed by your local CyberDoc. The chip features auto alias-hopping that pulls from two different lists to make a SIC alias (it will not hop if it hits an identical alias and tag auto-clears when enabled) and limits efforts to track the host to there sector (chip heats up on trace alerting host). More difficult to crack encryptions than standard SIC Chip. A 1.0 release with an automatic (and themely) insult generator would be pretty great too.

* New Chip Modification: Overseer 2.0 Firmware exploit. Same as above but all SIC aliases become only visible by SIC ID. Host can manually assign Aliases to each SIC ID. More difficult to install than Mouthpiece .07b and more expensive. Considerably more difficult to crack encryptions than standard SIC Chip. Chip self-terminates upon detected tampering.

* New Chip Update: NLM Good Joe 1.0 Firmware upgrade. A basic NLM and typically corporate sponsored upgrade package. Makes encryption more difficult to crack than standard chip. Includes 7500 SIC Credit upon install. Has optional features to alert WJF and next clone of kin of your whereabouts at time of death if you are in SIC range upon termination. Sterilizes chip upon install. Installed using disposable one time use uploader by Electro Technician. Non-invasive but requires @trust. Chip self-terminates upon detected tampering.

* New Chip Modification: Snitch 6.6 spyware. A hidden firmware mod that reports the hosts location, current alias, and SIC ID every 30 minutes to a pre-programmed encryption key. Does not work if host is not in signal range. SIC Chip is modified by your local Electro technician and installed by your local CyberDoc. Highly illegal.

* New Chip Update: Rainbow ICE 7.0. A security scanner that identifies and destroys instances of malware such Snitch. Installed using disposable one time use uploader by Electro Technician. Expensive. Non-invasive but requires @trust.

* New Chip Behavior: Upon trauma to the head or neck, a SIC chip would maybe glitch out (ala overdose but way less spammy) and chatter would be mildly to extremely distorted to the host until they saw a medical professional who performed a medical maneuver with a fancy name.

Chips would be able to factory reset to vanilla firmware at any licensed medical clinic with the proper hardware. This would not remove any malware though. Any scan or sanitation vs Snitch would contest skills/stats accordingly so a skilled decker could fly under the radar.

The idea of this is to create a more viable platform for SIC ripping, encryption cracking, and overall electro_tech work in a pre-grid 3.0 world.

Sounds neat. +1.
Absolutely loving it! As it is sic just seems... too easy.
This sounds terrifying. Let's do it
This sounds fucking amazing.
Big fan of this idea. Have had thoughts about SIC hacking going through my head forever, and this puts it's them together pretty well.
Looks great on paper, but I think there's a number of things this doesn't take into account.

The new wait time for alias hopping was meant to change a lot of this, and most players never see the things that interact with SIC. Even those who do are behind certain paywalls and levels of trust. Not to mention, a lot of the supposed functionality of this would be shortcuts and remove other avenues.

I like the direction, but I'm more interested in the viability of implementation. And sorry if I can't give you more constructive criticism, but it would delve into IC info. I'm sure you know what, but hopefully you can suss the how.

Yes. There should be so much more you can do when you obtain someone’s irl equivalent of their social security card and passport/ID/ birth certificate.


One problem with that is if you die once, you're potentially compromised for life.

(IC and IRL, as it happens)

I don’t know when SIC chips started appearing at random on corpses, it used to be it appeared if you were the recipient of a certain elective procedure.

I personally am also a fan of needing a cyber doc to extract cyber ware but that’s an entire different subject.

Also you can steal someone’s identity if you know how to already, but it’s very minimal thrills.

I love all of this but among the more viable, the hot-swapping chrome and the idea of your chip being damaged and requiring a fix-up. Very well thought out, awesome suggestions.
The fact deckers can't already, to some degree, somehow to whatever degrees of risk with whatever investment in equipment crack / monitor some portions of SIC encryption is a CRIME.

Themely access to actually valuable paydata that makes everyone paranoid? (

Hire a decker to reinforce the encryption on your encryption key?! OH MAN WHERE DOES IT END?!

But to reinforce it the decker has a skillcheck opportunity to program a backdoor into the SIC key -- MORE PARANOIA BITCHES! But you tradeoff the risk of that because you need your key reinforced against other deckers because YOU'RE PARANOID about your INFO.

Now everyone from the WJF to the corps to the gangs need deckers in their pockets, the game changes over fucking night.

If some of these get implanted, I'm expecting Trauma Team to pop up. I like most of them except what Chrome brought up - I think the alias hop CD was implemented for a reason but I think as long as you pay for it, and it's not cheap, it should be relatively fine.
Had some time so here are some SIC thoughts.

SIC Hawt-Swappe Interface (SIC swapping with key access. Restrictions: Need to have your chip already removed, temperature control, illegal.)

I can't see anything terribly disastrous with this. Cloning out deactivates old chips, so this would only provide value for ripping from permed characters. (Unless a cyberdoc is fast enough to beat the cloning timer? That could result in wiped bank accounts and other nasty things.)

Mouthpiece .07b Firmware exploit (Auto-alias hopping, notification of triangulation, slower triangulation)

The first effect is already covered in-game with the 20-second timer.

The second and third effects, however, sound like perfect add-ons for wannabe criminals, and could easily be two individual modifications.

Overseer 2.0 Firmware exploit. (SIC aliases become SIC IDs, can rename IDs to aliases. Deactivates if chip is tampered.)

I don't know how I feel about this. In a thread on the Banking update, the GMs made the conscious decision to transfer via SIC alias instead of character alias or SIC ID. The reason for this was because having SIC IDs is absurdly powerful (also it's a lot of effort on players to remember IDs).

Imagine if one WJF installed this and dumped the data into a SIC tag database. Every citizen would lose all anonymity.

Now imagine if everyone could do that.

NLM Good Joe 1.0 Firmware upgrade (Makes encryption more difficult to crack, includes 7500 SIC credit, broadcasts location on death.)

All three of those sound like excellent, separate perks that corpies could provide for their employees.

Snitch 6.6 spyware (hidden mod, reports the hosts location, current alias, and SIC ID every 30 minutes to a pre-programmed encryption key, illegal)

I could see this as a non-hidden WJF punishment.

Or even at a non-hidden corporate setting -- with the stipulation that the employee must be on-duty their corporate alias for it to function.

Rainbow ICE 7.0 (Allows for user removal of modifications)

I dunno, this takes away job opportunities for docs/deckers.

Normal trauma behavior (Thoughts transmitted become more and more garbled based off head and neck damage. Maybe loss of blood too?)

This sounds like a great idea. Also would make for a good cheap starter mod that docs can do:

Stability Protection Upgrade (Protects against SIC glitches when the body suffers trauma)

Here's one for fun:

Near-field detection - senses when a private SIC is sent or received to someone in the room (doesn't disambiguate).

How badass would it be to be privately interrogating someone and being able to sense if they're getting outside help? You'd get a message like: