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SIC Bank transfer notification
How do I REALLY know you paid me?

I think SIC should notify the recipient when chy is transferred to them. For a bank transfer, the recipient has to be in SICnal anyway in order for the transfer to work. Why not have a little notification pop up on SIC similar to the one when you recycle things, saying $10K has been transferred to your account? And maybe even who is doing the transferring?
Yeah, but then how are you going to shortchange people electronically?
Didn't think of that. Maybe just a notification that chy was deposited into their account?
There's already a history feature at the bank terminal, so it'd be easy to check if you've been shortchanged. This would just expedite the process a bit.
Is there really? Is it new or have I just never realized it exists?
A good old 'ex here' should show the command. It's missing from the help file, unfortunately. I believe it was added roughly around the same time as the loan system was added.
there also may already be ways to be notified when you recieve a transfer
oh whoops my bad that happened after the OP
This has been added!