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Sic Automessage on other bodily events
Pubsic but on acid

Would be cool if SIC-chips did other things when events happen to the player body. When someone flatlines for example, maybe if you have the money it plays an auto message as you are snuffed out alerting position to the WJF or local Sec team.

Or just produces a load of garbled static on death or resus.

OR just says something like -Sic Chip off line, please return to sender- on death.

Just thought auto Sic chip messages could have more uses, than what they currently have.

Like we get the huge message when someone OD's, but imagine how creepy it would be to suddenly get a message over pub-sic like;

SicUser > Unable to interface with user.

It's, in my opinion more eerie and thematic when someone dies. Like we hear about a jumper then that happens on a sic alias.

Potentially damaging ike some kinda poor-man's cortex bomb

It does sort of make sense that the chip could be used to track your vitals. But lets think about the why some more.

The OD message is because ICly your brain is transmitting some nonsense. And OOCly because we want to normalize drug use / make it fun (at least I think this what was behind it, might be wrong).

An on-death SIC message doesn't really make a whole bunch of sense to me IC, unless it was triggered by an event during which the brain is conscious/active. I do think a medical 'SIC feature' like a 'call for medical help' could send out your location and maybe your medical insurance coverage level / corporate affiliation. I bet some characters would not want this feature on. I think the OOC risk would be that killers doing their work are gonna have some added trouble, some of the mystery surrounding death might get lost, people trying to disappear or be in disguise are going to think it will blow their cover, and rippers are gonna have to organize and step up their operation if they want to get the gear. That said, OOC it might also encourage medical characters (but do they really need the boost? iunno), SIC chip poaching, enable corpsec retrieval teams, and the clone angels might get some more work.

Mechanically - and I am not saying to do this, but, it could be something you 'give a spin' to test out how annoying such a thing would really be for you - I don't think there is anything stopping you from setting up a macro to try and send a special SIC if certain things like combat trigger it.

You Sic chip already has GPS built into it, so there is no reason IC it could not send out your location should there be trauma.

A higher feature set could come at a premium, such as an upgraded sichip with modules like personal AMP, call out location feature, quick messages that trigger based on medical status. Like unconciousness or so on.

I believe there is already code that could potentially be leveraged to do such, like the sic callouts to location, death, and basic descriptors.

OOC having a chip that broadcasts location when you get into trouble either to security services, wjf or pubically could be seen as unbalanced, then just price it up so it is an investment, or a subscription fee perhaps or perk of certain levels of citizenship?

I don't want to say 'trauma team' but think trauma team, just less NPC managed. A call out goes out, it is up to the PC's responsible to do what they want with that information.

More over it opens up the gates for miss information, scope to have fake death call outs etc.

To counter the potential of cutting down on killing people with worry of the system. There are a number of ways already in place to hault Sic coms.

I don't know, I just like the idea of if someone tries to kill you, you actually have more of a chance to live if you are not a combat heavy character capable of defending yourself.