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SIC alias reset on death

Your SIC alias should scramble upon death. That's the idea.
It's still the idea.
Would it be too informative for it to be you some abbreviation of your full name, as documented by the WJF, followed by the # of that clone? i.e.


I was just thinking it randomizes the same way it does when you first get it put in at the gate.
So, you kill someone and then can immediately alias-jack them?
Part of the idea. You also shouldn't be able to tell if someone is 'perma' dead by trying to switch to their alias after they die but before they clone. They're dead, their body's SIC chip isn't running anymore, why is the alias still taken?
SIC network could easily be set up to keep it reserved until it determines whether or not the person is cloning or whatever. But I do like the idea of it randomizing again too.
I really like this idea. It promotes subterfuge, and the idea that there are millions of people on the SIC trying to get your better SIC alias. It will make people less trusting of who is behind an alias at any given moment. That's a good thing.
It would unquestionably create more roleplay and more conflict if my idea were implemented. You wouldn't be able to tell infallibly if someone were permadead if they haven't cloned yet, and snapping someone's neck and quickly assuming their alias and shit opens up plenty of opportunities for misdirection and betrayal.
This is too easy. Play for keeps, rip a chip, and employ a ripper doc.

I'm probably already said too much...

Yes, those are certainly vague allusions to ways that you could make a half-cocked attempt at emulating this idea.
Sounds unneeded. Part of the process of cloning is replacing your SIC identification chip, coincidentally, with your existing information.

We don't strictly need any additional stuff in the game, do we? I'm submitting my idea because it opens up a lot more roleplay opportunities.
I am not sure it opens up any positive RP opportunities. I would see this as more opportunity to be more annoying to your enemies, providing less constructive and competitive roleplay, rather just being a nuisance.

I think the results of dying are more than adequate as a set back and this wouldn't benefit the experience at all.

Unless you inherit someones keys when they die, I don't see how this could be useful for more than the amount of time it takes for that person to clone.

Bill >> I like to eat poop

REALBILL >> I just cloned, someone alias jacked me

And ICly that would be a believable answer that kinda tanks whatever it is you are trying to accomplish because everyone would know your SIC resets on death.

Perhaps the whole "checking if someone is 'perma' dead by trying to switch to their alias after they die but before they clone" part has some validity? If this does work and could be abused, perhaps a SIC alias could be reserved for a random period after perma-death?
Why is checking to see if someone is permed or just clone dead so important? I don't mean to nay-say, it just seems like a solution searching for a problem, to me. Maybe I haven't seen the use-cases where this would be valuable.
I'm not saying it is. I'm just saying that that is is the one thing that I think MIGHT be a problem. If it's not, i's not. I just didn't see it addressed specifically so I wanted to bring it up. It there's IC reasoning why this works how it works, then awesome. If it's people taking advantage of something that was never intended to be then it either needs to be given IC justification or fixed.

I guess the main way this could be exploited is using it as a cheap (as in lacking RP) way to see if you've managed to finish off your enemy. No need to pay for paydaya on if they have a clone or not. No need to pay a sleuth to monitor outside GeneTek. Just try a quick SIC hop and move on.

Again, if this is as intended, it's all good by me!