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Show approx. amt of chy with glance me
Posted in the wrong forum initially

So when you look at yourself "look me", it gives you information on the approximate amount of chyen you have on you. For example, "You have a few chyen on you."

I propose that we add this mechanic to gl/glance/glance me as well. So that we don't have to pull up our entire character appearance when we want to get a sense of approximately how much chy we are carrying at the moment.

How is this different than “count”, you may ask? Count shows others a message of you counting your chyen. I want to get the same functionality of "look me" that shows the approx amount of chy on you, but using glance.

I don't know how things work, but I'm going to guess that glance/glance me uses the same code that "glance " does. In which case, adding this would show anyone who glances at you approximately how much chyen you have. That would seem to be a bad idea, and revealing information that should not be so easily available.
Formatting removed part of my post - "glance " should read "glance [other person]"
I think speculating on code limitations in the ideas forum is a bit silly. It's definitely possible to alter what information is offered depending on who is the one doing the glancing, and I believe the system already does this in some cases, for example your stamina / exhaustion.
I hate to say it, but it feels a little of an asside from the glance system. If I have a pocket full of notes, simply glancing at my own pocket offers me no indication as to how much might be in there.

That is unless it is visible enough for everyone to see.

You have count already, and using 'look me' shows you the vague amount you have already.

I am not sure how adding that detail to the glance system will be of benifit when you already have a robust system to get what you need.

On top of that, currently glance does not show the twenty medpaks you currently shoved up ya butt, so I would be surprised that glance would show how many coins you have in your pocket :)

Just my two chy on it.

Honestly, after reading this, I'd rather the approximate chy line be moved from 'look' to 'inventory'. Or just removed entirely. Personally leaning towards removing entirely.