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Shared Bank Account
For different groups to have combined finances?

Suggesting a type of bank account that you can add people to, anyone added to the account can withdraw/deposit whatever they like.
This exists.
I have to admit that I have some small concern about this one though I am having a hard time solidifying what exactly it is. Just a nagging feeling that this could have unforeseen impacts on the game.

For example, this might reduce (though not eliminate) a PCs ability to mess with other PCs during the exchange of chyen. Due how to things work in the game world I could see this as being safer than most bank transfers.

I also worry that the 'me in we' can get lost a little if it becomes too easy to unify a character's resources. Again, it's not absolute and the impact this would have might be bad or good.

I guess that this is just one of those changes that, while seeming so simple on the suffice, could have a greater impact on the game than one might thing and should therefore be seriously considered.

I am pretty sure I know what you are referring to Ghost but I am not completely sure this is exactly what the original idea is aiming for. Beyond that, I often feel that players misuse this feature, ignoring how it is presented in the game world because they just want the mechanics tied to it.

I agree with Grey0 on how this would reduce almost all risk of chyen transfers.


1. Require a high minimum balance (~50-100k), to provide high risk for using this as a transfer service.

2. Make data on joint accounts easily available to decker types, to ensure any attempt at using it as a transfer service is less secure than other methods.

This exists for groups with bonafides.
Then I think that we will either need code additions or staff enforcement to ensure that these bonafides are being met. If I am thinking about the same thing as Johnny is, any old character can get these and they do. With or without bonafides.