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Sewers should make you smell like shit

Moving through the sewers should make you smell like shit. Mostly, it's just weird that you come out of the sewers smelling like flowers, but also I think it would give one more piece of information to people about movement and the like.
im pretty sure they do chief

at least i remember them doing that

They do make you dirty, but I agree on there being a lingering scent on a person they need to cover or something if they do a sewer crawl.
They make you dirty but they don't create a scent. You can run through the entire sewer system and still come out smell Del.i.cious or whatever.
This is more to do with limitations on how certain aspects of the way we handle people's appearances than a problem with the way the sewers work.

Like Shabby over-riding basically any identifiable information about someone at a glance, for example. I'd support this idea, but only if "Stinking" didn't over-write whatever existing data there is to be had about your character.

See, I think it should override, just like the Bans smell does, or the antiseptic clinic smell. Once you pass through some number of sewer exits -- 2 or 3, maybe? -- you should 'You easily detect the strong scent of raw sewage' or something like that.
We could probably append it to the end of a name like that one place that already does this in game, so you'd have something like

An average mano wearing a Genetek jumpsuit who smells of shit (Joebaka) walks in from the east

Bringing this back! It makes no sense for people to walk through the sewers and emerge covered in filth while still smelling like the perfume they put on before. I've seen far too many "filthy mano who smells clean" messages coming from characters who were literally shoveling shit in the sewers right before.

I think that after passing through at least two or three sewer exits, a character should have a "smells like shit" message appended to their desc. The sewer descriptions and messages are so well-written and themely in their disgustingness, so why can't our characters stink like they just crawled out of a giant puddle of shit?

It would also encourage more people to use Quick Kleens and other showers if they don't want chars to know that they were sewer-spelunking.

Absolutely needs to exist. A something something who 'smells like sewage' would be great, or 'smells unspeakable' if you wanted to be fun with it.