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Serving trays
I need 3 shost, 2 pints, a vanilla silk, a pack of soyanuts

So as groups at bars become bigger due to population expansion, drink orders, when they do happen become more complex during rushes. Especially at places like Carnal's or Grunens where there's sometimes two active rooms. This is one of many things I've witnessed sitting in several bars and watching people and parties. What I'm suggesting here is essentially a pizza box for booze. Something that bars can keep on hand relatively cheaply(Enough that you could have two or three trays on hand at a place like Grunen's, and maybe one at Carnal's at any one time.) You can place drinks on it, and then carry it, set it down and everyone can get drink from tray.

The essential goal of this initially being, to allow a bartender to float between the two room bars easier. Without having a wonderful time, with having about 20 or so commands to deliver 6 drinks. Get drink get drink move give drink give drink move. And so on.

It also sets up some interesting situations, if they allowed the trays to be used with any food or small object eventually. Ever wanted to serve your rivals their dick on a platter? Ripped out their cyber eye? Give it to them on a platter to show your dominance over them. You'd be able to do that kinda stuff with this object.

I think it's a good idea, but maybe not a priority. Just proposing it as an idea, as I find it a cool idea with some potential themely consequences.

I like that idea, actually.
I think this is a great idea!
I think this'd be considered a form of container, so not sure what the staff would think about it. It's like having bags/backpacks as a codified item. It's a nice idea, just not sure how it'd go with the 'no containers' rule.
Couple options to avoid a bag scenario:

Nothing but drinks

If you leave the bar you 'spill' the contents

exponentially increasing agility buff with more drinks on tray because of it being hard to hold

IDK seems like something where abuse could be avoided fairly easily

You could also just pose it. Get all the drinks from the bar yourself (you shouldn't spill any if you're just picking them up, not stashing them) and then emote carrying a tray to the table and setting it down (then drop each of the drinks or hand it to the person who ordered it).
The problem becomes when you have upwards of 10 drinks to get for people. Then you've got to go back and forth, over and over grabbing the booze.
No you don't. Just pick them all up from the bar and go in one trip. As I said, you won't spill anything if you're just picking them up. You'll only spill if you're stashing or using freehands.
As Crook stated if you are just using 'get item from bar' for ten items, you won't spill them. This way you can walk around with all of them in inventory and hand them off one at a time, or place them on tables/drop them/etc.
Really unnecessary...
I literally had no idea about that.
rp is the key! agreed that this would be more flavor than anything and poses can achieve flavor anyway
Nah I thought picking it up just used the same check as the the stash command. But this completely invalidates the need for something like this.
Well at the very least I think some of us learned something here.