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See shortdescs at distance
And other shortdesc idea

My idea is that you see someone's shortdesc if you look toward another room and see people in it, rather than their display name. Also, separate idea, but no point in making another thread, but I think disguised people's display name should be replaced by their shortdesc instead of the current disguise names now.
such as when you're looking through thermos?
In real life, you can look into another room, or down the street, and recognize people.
You can also look down the street and see someone who looks a lot like your friend and make a mistake, kinda like distance introduces some sort of potential for error in using sight to identify someone. No, Grizzly, I'm referring to the shortdesc when you 'look' at someone that's in parentheses beside their name, such as what you see when someone leaps from one roof to another.
Would make the use of binoculars, cybereyes, etc more useful to find people as well.

Im interested in this

Which is what you see using thermos when you look in rooms or directions. So there’s kinda code already

Elsemoo has a feature where you only see their short desc and have to @memorize their name or something to see their actual name.

I don't know. I mean, the disguise skill is already less useful that I'd like and this takes away from some of it's usefulness. I think it's reasonable for you be able to ID someone a room over. Still, if this is a desired feature I would suggest that a roll be made and to determine if you only see a short desc or a name.