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Security Radio Headsets

Radios are super-cool, and when the radio code was announced there was a suggestion that mid-band radios for corporate security forces, high-end solo teams, and the like would be coming. I don't think we've seen that yet, but I hope we will.

Particularly, what I'd like to see are 'security radio headsets' that act like mid-band radios and can be worn under a helmet. I'm thinking the classic 'secret service earpiece' kind of look, though I suppose 'special operations radio boom' isn't bad either.

I think it's a little silly that if corpsec wants a radio helmet, it has to be atomic orange or neon green, and also that you can't wear a radio with a helmet. Make them expensive to justify the advantages, probably.

I think the design here is to latently encourage either cybernetic augmentation or skill-based modification of radios but the system is still new enough where some things either haven't been coded on the dev side or discovered on the player side.

Good feedback on opportunities here, Pavane.

I also think Pavane should go find things out IC about security radio helmets.

I do agree that the general push is toward cybernetics or handhelds for variety of reasons, but what you suggest do exist.