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Scent of Mary Jane
Just can't get rid of it

Easy peasy - add specific @smell to the characters who just used Th-2c, bubbler etc.

"X smells like skunk's piss."

Yes no maybe? Or is it a thing already and I'm dumb?

I suggested something similar to this a few months back but no cigar.

Smells add flavor, I would add smoke smells and spilled drink smells, etc. You'd only need lone 1 line for each and it wouldn't be that difficult.

I'd love if I could set a tire on fire and fill a room with smoke or something. More ambient and descriptive text regarding that would be great, plus all the nasty contamination in the Mix.



Nice idea for some increased themely flavor.

Especially yes to being able to smell someone without the super intrusive public message. As right now adding more smells would just mostly go unnoticed due to how intrusive it is to smell someone.
I like it. +1
This would be a fantastic addition to some of the housing descriptions too. I can only imagine WestingHaus smells like a mix of hobo piss and really bad, rank weed.
Good idea. Also, cybernose.
haha stinky weade d00de

fr tho +1 this seems like a neato idea

Scent should provide insight into a PC or NPC's habits. Please see Forensic Mayhem post as this would be a great utilization of a skill.