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Sanitize Room/Corpse
A new use for forensics

I think it would be cool if you could sanitize a room or a corpse using a kit of some kind with the forensics skill. Uses would be:

- Reduce the risk of infection from medical procedures

- Reduce the risk of equipment failure/destruction when using equipment that requires certain room types

- Clean up crime scenes or bodies to prevent forensics from being used effectively on them.

In the case of using it on rooms, I'd think the reduction in bad outcome would be proportional to the skill in forensics and last for a limited duration, maybe a day or something.

“Hey, get down here, I need you to get the bullets out of this meatsack and douse it in bleach so I can dump it”


Illegal cleaner market booms and forensics gets a great new and themely use.

Please do this.

"Cleaner teams" would be a really themely addition.