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RP Generating Diseases

I find the outbreaks have a tendency to limit some RP by causing the majority of players to stay in. Considering current times this is an all too familiar feeling. I was thinking it might be interesting to have some new diseases that encourage more aggressive RP. For example, rabies. I believe there is already similar code and it's a disease that promotes going out and attacking other players, spreading the disease. Essentially it's an excuse for topside attacks. Rigging off this idea, who knows what super diseases VS might have cooked up that would do unimaginable things that encourage creative gameplay.
Honestly kind of agree. A disease that doesn't have such a high risk of infection coupled with a high death probability would be refreshing to RP with. Something like the rage virus from 28 Days where it's transferred under specific conditions, minus the biting. Perhaps something that has to do with a certain implant most everyone has that elevates aggression and is transferable via blood specifically.
aggression virus that essentially spawns random citizens with boosted (although likely still manageable) stats that attack on sight would be interesting

although i think the major way you can get everyone to engage with disease plots more is by making disease protection gear more commonly available. otherwise, everyone just sits in their apartment until it blows over, which... is exactly what you're supposed to do, but it's pretty much just the death of roleplay.

Diseases that would require a population, corporate tower or sector to be quarantined but not kill the characters (at least speedily) would also help with this.

Ex. Oh No! Someone let lose Disease X in NLM Tower! The WJF has cordoned off the tower for the next 24 hours while VS scrambles to make a treatment (or not, who knows if they made it in the first place). During that time, the people are all stuck in the location and plot ensues, be that just infighting or could be figuring out what happened, contacting people on the outside etc. Would be very interesting if a non-NLM member was locked in with them, all that.

I think a quarantined tower would be a really interesting sort of disease, especially if timed for an event at KMB or something.
Just chiming in on ideas.

I would always think that any City Wide plot should be opportunities for more people to RP. Any plot that requires you to stay indoors is... hard. It's mostly fine in that they don't happen often, but I like the creative ideas. Rage disease or Zombie disease would be really cool.

My idea would be something like Super Bedbugs or parasites that that spread disease from beds and couches. So instead of telling people to go home, they have to leave their apartments and cubes and deal with sleeping on the street or organize to stay somewhere safe, but certainly less safe than an apartment. Could be total Chaos, but possibly fun.

Anything that gives things for more people to do and be involved is great!

Super bedbugs is a great idea. Not only is it an inverse to ordinary plots, but it also reinforces theme differences between corporate and Mix citizens -- the bedbugs pop up in the Mix and then get carried topside.
I really like the idea of something that could effect apartments. Something that changes the means of transmitting and mixes up the formula giving something that effects the entire player base.
Definitely support an equally horrible and debilitating but much less lethal infection/disease to generate that same kind of panic excitement. Maybe there are measures in place I'm not aware of, but it seems like if you're newer/poor with no clone and are unlucky enough to walk by someone infected with the big bad, you're pretty much screwed.