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Riot Shields

With the uptick of certain events ICly, and an albeit selfish want for one, I would like to suggest a riot shield or similar equivalent as an option.

Mechanically it would be heavy and cumbersome, but could absorb more damage than whatever grade of armor it would be (ie Protek armor can take up to x caliber of damage dealing, Protek Riot Shield could take up to y caliber of damage). Maybe it can be utilized as a combat weapon through whatever skill, but I think it would be an interesting use of a defensive item in order to take more fire or handle larger groups than typically able to. It would be used one handed, and so could have an off hand weapon, but I suggest that using the shield would stop you from having counter attacks you would normally have with a weapon to help balance it out.

Maybe it would be widely available (like IRL), or maybe they would be niche items. I just think they would be a nice item to help make more defensive positions and roles function in a different way.


I'd love riot shields, as long as they would also make you better at guarding doorways.
I do not feel this would be a useful addition to the game. To the contrary, I feel like it would harm the game, and provide another survival tool to those who already have quite enough.
im all for this, althought i wonder if it would be slightly op if you used a riot shield + pistol like some sort of SWAT officer (even it would make complete sense irl)

that being said adding more than just riot shields, but other options would be a pretty neat way option for players to take a more defensive spot in fights (above just posture) against more aggressive/melee dual wielding players, im surprised they haven't been added before now

(cue trashcan lid wielding gangers)

This would be horribly broken in a variety of ways, tbh.
At present, it's already very beneficial to fight in a defensive manner. At the last town hall, staff talked about balancing the dual-weapon+guarded issue; if that happens, then a dedicated defensive item that is about as good as the current dual-weapon+guarded combo would be fine -- but something that makes it even easier to be defensive seems a bridge too far.
The single interesting use case mentioned here was about guarding exits, but there are already ways to enhance an exit guard.