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Rigging & Risk

I think the new additions to the game with expansion on the rigging skill are pretty great.

One concern I have is that it -seems- as if there is a lot of risk mitigation baked into the rigging skill, just innately being what it is.

My idea is that as the skill is expanded upon, I think we need to be provided with good, useful tools that allow and encourage counterplay to rigging. I think this could be done in a few different ways:

-Tracing: Make it so rigging requires you to have a SIC chip, and make that chip ID visible if someone with the right hardware can intercept the control signals.

-Jamming: It seems kind of silly that robots are walking into extremely heavily defended areas within the game (but are still publicly accessible). This presents a severe security risk to these locations, so I think something that perhaps area-jams the frequencies that rigging uses would be useful for trying to defend these areas.

I'd like to hear other ideas on how we make sure actions have consequences on the player side of things. We're kind of in new territory here, and I'd really like to see the skill shape up to do cool stuff that is themely, but not overly safe for the operator.


Rigging seems like it's offering a lot of offensive and spying RP power, but I'm concerned that we don't have the tools in our toolbox to counterplay drones and rigging.

I agree, though I do think some of this already exists and just haven't been touched into just yet and should be something fun to explore IC.

Loving everything thats coming out, and can't wait to see what else happens, both robot wise and robot v robot or counter rigging.

It is very possible to attack robots now.
Personally feel that the tools available have increased for riggers but I want to see a little bit more before adding counter-measures; rigging has traditionally been a kind of feeble area of the game with very few ways for players to engage. Lately, that has changed, and I would like to see it mature a bit more.

If a robot walks into your workplace rigged to blow up, and you can attack it, but it still blows up- is that really counter play?

Agreed, but also keep in your assessment that those robots wandering around count as significant chyen investments, and more than qualify for 'skin in the game' as it were.

In some cases, far more than you.

I understand they're a financial loss that has to be accounted for, but when you compare the cost of doing these things to say, the cost of using some of the higher-end explosives that you have to actually be physically present to use, I don't think the cost is that much significantly higher to mitigate that risk.

That's just my personal assessment, though.

If you're in the business of bombing people/places/things, it is significantly cheaper and more effective to use PC labor than a rigger and a robot.

Robot's definitely fill a powerful niche and are a gamechanger but I don't think you will see them used as disposable playthings. People will get sentimental, robots will be fine-tuned, and customized. I think as they are more widely embraced you will see them widely coveted and appropriately commoditized with rarity.


Without going into detail, PC labor + materials is absolutely not cheaper than a 15k robot you can control remotely and rig to explode somewhere with what currently seems to be very little to no risk of being discovered. It's maybe not as effective depending on how much damage you're wanting to do, but definitely still cheaper.

There will be people who cherish their robots or keep vanity models, but 'disposable playthings' is exactly what they are currently. It's really cool to see honestly but I support some kind of system for people with the right skills to interfere with their signal or trace its source!


If you're in the business of bombing people/places/things - it is. :-)

Going to second @ReeferMadness on this. The cost is much higher than just sending a PC with a bomb, if you know what you're doing.

Counter drone things will be nice, but they are fairly well balanced at the moment, with a couple exceptions that are probably just in progress.

Don't disclose costs of items in game. If your post contains a number found in game, you're on the quick track to having your bgbb privileges fucking revoked.

Be better.

Can't people just like kill every robit they see on Red and then chute the thing for credit? Got some kinda of robot cat walking around and you want riggers to have risk then stomp on its neck?

Typing this out made me feel sad for the kitties.

This is honestly a little bit of a misunderstood aspect of rigging and has sort of always been. Even when the only drones on offer were the eyepod class, there's a lot of expectation placed on the rigger: it's expensive, elusive tech and if you're careless in how you use them, you won't be a rigger for very long and I mean that semi-literally. The drones that were there were the drones that were there and if you lose out on them, you're probably not getting another. There's physical limitations on where they can and can't go. There's RP limitations on where they can and can't go.

As mechanics expand, robots are vulnerable now and honestly, from the rigger's perspective, just mind that your question is 'how can I smash all your robots on sight?' and mine is 'how do I keep my very expensive piece of tech from getting smashed up on sight before I do whatever it is I want to do?'