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Replace camera painting with EMP
From XOOC discussion in the wee hours.

Suggestion: remove the ability to spraypaint / clean cameras. Replace it with the ability to use EMP effects to actually offline the camera until it's repaired. Require a technician to repair & possibly re-link the camera to it's hub. (One would assume that the boards would be fried and have to be replaced in the cam, requiring re-pairing.)

In the ideal scenario, the skill to install isn't the skill used to service cameras that have been damaged by EMP effects. Interdependency here makes networks a little harder to maintain in bulk, and also could provide a nice, quick income and role boost to those extra-nerdy types out there that are starving for it!

I'm not a big proponent of this idea. Allowing cameras to be more seriously harmed by specialized gear (an EMP) would be nice, but graffiti/cleaning for cameras is something of a staple way for characters to start their career. It gives the potential for people to get their feet wet in something greater than them and allows the opportunity for those with large networks to delegate small tasks for small chyen.

Sure, one could argue that the "small task for small chyen" could then be dropping EMPs at cameras rather than spraying them down, but without getting too into IC detail? Under the idea posed, the stakes would be significantly higher for all involved.

I don't have a real understanding of how much bloat one added item might cause, but maybe the solution would be a more moderately priced and specialized piece of tech designed for X number of attempts at offlining or damaging in the way that you've suggested. Similar to another system we have now.

Interfacing with the world and fighting back against established infrastructure is great. I would just hate to see common immy jobs disappear and, with them, value and demand behind items used for them.

A quick secondary thought in relation to another part of the post:

In the ideal scenario, the skill to install isn't the skill used to service cameras that have been damaged by EMP effects.

Something I enjoy seeing is when two to three skills CAN be used for one task. With how frequently certain archetypes fizzle, I'm not so sure I would want to rely on requiring one specific skillset as much as I would be interested in people of similar high-tech trades being able to figure out how to manage the repair.

It also solves the problem of certain tech-themed characters starting the game believing they should be at least somewhat educated in something and then finding, nope, they don't know the first thing about interacting with something at all.

While I don't agree with allowing other skillsets to repair the item, we might need to look at how easily it is to pass the repair check on items like cameras.

I think the issue at hand, at least from my perspective, is that certain skills basically only have 1 opening for a PC to fill per economic status (Corpie/Mixer).

While other characters can certainly invest in the skill, and do it for RP and chyen, the vasdt majority of work will go to the player character who is the best at that skill. There's other factors such as availability and factions that can certainly affect this, but if one character decides to just be the best at that thing from a neutral perspective, they can wholly dominate it based on UE investment.

This applies mostly to PvE skills that use an opposed check, which in of itself may be worth looking into. Change it from an opposed check to something more in-line with how repairs work, with certain 'quality' levels of installation that can be attained, so that it's not a pure UE investment fight.

Oh, the idea of making installations based on 'quality' is great and deserves its own thread.
First, I dislike camera networks that get to vast. They spread and players put them in places that make little IC sense and GMs don't have enough time to police this regularly with NPCs and this results in a big purge every year or so as far as I can see. So I personally like changes that help bring things into better balance so GMs have less of this to do.

I think having this EMP thing in ADDITION to spray painting is cool. Very much so.