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Rentable Food Carts
For the enterprising chef.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Food carts that, like U-Vends, can be rented out to sell food to passerbies. On top of being able to set a list of food it is selling for fixed prices, it can act as a mobile chef's kitchen for custom orders.

These can possibly bring in some very minor passive income, like bars on a smaller scale. Common on Red, but Gold requires a license (and likely brings in more passive income) and Green likely wouldn't have them at all.

This can make catering to events a much easier thing to do, and I think is a good job to generate more RP.

Integration into the current mechanic code would make for an interesting avenue for low-tier auto techs to cobble shit together or at the very least maintain them.

Limited availability for food carts and Tuk Tuk-like transport be amusing to have PC's compete for with inexpensive leases.

Propose they can be pushed/driven like newly introduced wheelchairs, mop buckets and skateboards so Mixers can steal ones off Gold to try to flee with down the express tubes.
I wanted to make a thread about 'street life', where I complained about how most people never hang out outside in the streets. Be it either in the Mix because oh so scary I am going to die if I stand still or Topside where oh so scary if I stand still I might catch a fine for loitering.

This idea would help in part remedy this situation by giving players more reasons to hang outside in the streets of the buzzing metropolis that is Withmore. Hopefully this cart would allow for people to sell more than just food and not require the magic bag-it-all skill that is "artistry". Also, adding some seats (similarly to sitting in bars) would be neat.

But if you could lease these carts (similar to vending machines), it would make street life more active for sure.

In the Mix pay the gangs taxes and/or hire a bodyguard to protect you from the bakas that want to steal your flash (and maybe the cart too?) or hire them to mess with that rival cart that is stealing all your biz. Use it as a front to sell recycled chrome, guns and chrome.

For Topside it would just be nice to see people fraternize outside of buildings with armed guards. For sure there ain't enough (or at all?) outdoors dinning to begin with. Whats the point of Skywatch giving you all the nice weather if you are always going to have a fortified ceiling over your head? Go outside and showoff your new fancy threads at JoeBaka's new soy ramen fusion food cart/stand and then talk shit on SIC about how you found a fly inside your dish, write a review for the newspaper, poison the food, whatever, etc.


Definitely agree there isn't nearly enough outside hanging, which is a shame. It's super understandable in Red sector but there's safety in numbers, so if more people hung around outside maybe it'd feel less like being perpetually out in the open/vulnerable. A player-run food cart could be a fun way to experiment with this!

Anything to give people more reason to not hang out indoors 24/7 is a plus imo.

Remember those traveling food cart vehicles that gave customers bike pedals to bike while indulging?

Sounds like a Chex opportunity.

A smoothie chexie. A Smexie.