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Rename 'melee' skill
More accurate name

Rename the 'melee' skill to 'Miscellaneous Weapons'. I've seen more than one person (myself included) investing in this skill under the assumption that it's a skill for general competence in melee combat, rather than weapons not specified under other weapon skills or improvised weapons.
I think the name is alright but it might be good to update the description under 'help combat skills' and update 'help skills' to reference the sub pages of skills (help combat skills', 'help reflex skills', 'help engineering' and so on.

I have also heard of players taking brawling and martial arts together thinking that they needed them both. And I'm not sure how many new players even know about the sub pages for skills or about 'help index'. Maybe mentioning 'help index' in @newbie would be good?