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Removing player-made SICads

Players can post SICads. I'd love for there to be a way to remove the SICads you post as well.
I thought about going ahead and making an @idea of this in the tracking system.

But then I thought to myself, I don't know if Mythologique has tried RP or not. But since it's an option, I won't be adding this to my list of features to code.

Well, glad to hear it's an option at least. I made a brief attempt but, will try to RP it harder and see who I can talk to. Thanks. I hold my idea that should still be an option instead of requiring admin interactions.
If I'm not mistaken, player added SICADs, when initially purchased, are prompted for the length the ad will run(in weeks/days/whatever). The time is paid for at the moment the SICAD is created, therefore, I think the system is fine the way it is. In my opinion anyway.
I coded an enhancement a while back where they would indeed expire automatically according to the time the character paid for. It used to be that GMs would have to just go through and delete the over-time ones.

So, yes, they will go away when your money runs out.

I think Mythologique was talking about what if you wanted to yank it before the time/money ran out.

It's done in weeks. And, yeah, I'm talking about ending it early. Lots of player ads contain info like names, numbers, times, locations that are subject to change without warning before the time is up.
I think it's funny when that happens.

It reminds me of

Right, but yanking them before the time is up on it, I feel that should be something that would need to be RP'd, rather than just punching in a few commands on a terminal. The current ad has already been bought and paid for, to alter this, why would you not need to speak with a representative who can authorize/perform the necessary changes, as well as level whatever fees may or may not be appropriate?
Why shouldn't a terminal be able to handle the removal of a SICad? It will cost you 500 chyen to remove this SICad early. Are you sure you want to do that? Yes. Boom done. Otherwise, every time one has to be removed an admin has to get involved and, there is no clear representative for SICads to begin with besides the terminal.
I agree with Mythologique here.

I am all for more more more RP. But in this case we would be drawing from a pool of limited GM time for something that is purely transactional and can be easily automated (via terminal or otherwise). I would say this is the same reason crates are automated.

Coder time, GM time, they both count.

RP is what GM's are here for. Players should appreciate the idea that puppets can and do do things for your character which code doesn't support. There hasn't been one GM so far who has weighed in and said "yes please" to this feature. If it happens, that will change things.

Cerberus, please @bug this as an @idea if it's something you're interested in.