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Remove Sidebar on e-notes
Because editing right now is a bitch

E-notes are the way we're supposed to record information in game. There are reasons the grid cannot be used for certain things. I've been using it heavily for a lot of things, and the little
Ugh *launches self off skywalk*

The rest of my post disappeared. It was long and so great. Basically what I'm asking is for the little Sidebar with the plus sign to be removed so that editing is easier. They get in the way and you have to delete them out when changing anything.

Two solutions:

1) Compose everything first in a Google Doc before pasting it in. This way, you can make changes easily.

2) If you're dead-set on copying from in-game, you can do a find/replace on "[+] " to clear it all out in a few seconds. Can't help you with the inserted line breaks, though.