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Remove @macros-enable confirmation
Fewer broken/interrupted macros

I am not sure if the @macros-enable prompt is there for balance reasons or not, but if not it makes some macros very clunky and breakable, I would personally find the command much easier to use without a confirmation prompt.
Are you using macros to enable and disable other macros? I'm trying to imagine what the confirmation prompt is ruining.

I believe that the main reason it's there is because if a (automated) macro got disabled due to being excessively triggered in a probable infinite group, you really want to think before re-enabling it.

The issue arises when @macros-enable N is part of another macro, which causes that macro to be very sensitive to commands executing out-of-order (no common but it does happen) or to other inputs being given while that confirmation is waiting for a response, which causes them to break and makes your character emote 'yes' or 'no' instead.

It's not the biggest problem, but it does mean you have to be eagle-eyed for commands running out-of-order and also avoid any inputs when a confirmation is asked -- which in these sorts of macros is twice, every time. It's just very slow and clunky.

I am completely against this as it would make it even easier for players to 'script' their characters. I already feel that players use macros far too much.

If you have a macro or chain of macros who's sole intent is to make your character move faster than anyone could type, you are probably abusing macros.

I don't know what other players are using nested macros for, but in my case these macros are actually very slow to run, much moreso than just firing off the commands by hand, the appeal is them issuing commands that I would otherwise type a dozen times a day, over and over, ad infinitum.

As I said, if this is an actual balance mechanism then okay, but the confirmation doesn't really get in the way of having a nested macro, it can just cause them to sometimes break. I feel like macros just running slower would be a more intuitive balance mechanism than one in every twenty just breaking.