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Remembering Hidden Places
I know there's a door here..

A common struggle is searching for the same hidden door you know of. Ideally, a way for this to be memorized so it just simple appears if you've found it prior. The how is a bit more complicated code-wise.


Could you have an argument 'discoved' in terms of ways, and if you have searched it or searched and used it a number of times that 'discovered' argument is considered true and thus a character would see a way?

It would also be good if hidden routes had a passive DC, so that if you had a high enough stat it would simply show up the hidden route. I always thought hidden ways could be abused meta wise if they are not gated by DC.

THis could also tie into the new 'point out' command I think was recently put in, where someone might be able to guide a lower level person through places and point them out.

What’s a DC? Also I know that for some doors, even if you don’t “search” for the door you can still enter the code on the exit, even though it might not show up on the list of exits you can see without searching.
DC is an acronym for Dice Check.

I don't think it's a good idea to obfuscate exits/exploration behind such a harsh binary. I think the places you aren't supposed to be are kept that way by means of inherent violence.