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Relative height indicator
They seem like a manlet.

I think it'd be pretty nice if when you looked or glanced at someone, you could see if they're taller or shorter than you, as a lot of the time people don't really put that in their description or nakeds.

...That's it, really.

I really like this idea, though ideally people would give some indication of their height in their description instead of making more work for the coders. Looking at someone and knowing they're exactly 5'5 feels almost too accurate, but it can be hard to know with someone on the high side of average and on the low side of average when they don't give any indication of their height so you'd know which would be taller, and often times I need to ask OOCly if it's relevant to the RP happening. Something similar to the health indicators like "%S is very/slightly taller/shorter than you" would be perfect, though possibly create an issue with appearing taller/shorter.

Another option though would be for players to hassle one another about it.

Honestly, the entire height and weight system needs to be changed at creation. Way too random and unpredictable. Players should be able to select exactly what they want or within a parameter.

That said I think glance should also show said information so we know if we are shorter or taller.